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New Riptide Mag is out

12th June 2013

New @riptidemag is out. This jump and many more are within its pages.. Experiment is back!! @nickbannehr photo.

4 South Africans on a mountain in Chile

18th May 2013

Awesome to have two guys I grew up competing with in SA over here having a crack, watch out for them in this event.

It's official

14th May 2013

I can't wait to hit some huge lips in Chile and Brazil on my new sleds. Frothing!!! @pridebodyboards
Pride Bodyboards

Riptide mag issue #192 cover

15th February 2013

So stoked! Thanks Riptide and Sacha Spex. Fruitful session in Mexico 2012 ...

Me, circa 2005. 15 or 16 years old!

9th February 2013

Just had this pic sent to me by an old friend. AMAZING!

New podcast

24th March 2012

Filmed by Richard Lornie and Javier Fleitas and edited by Richard Lornie. Features Hawaii 2012 and my new boards! Have a look!

IBA Box Pro - GSS series stop #2 - 2012

24th March 2012

I am so pumped to be back in this iconic bodyboarding zone and even more happy with the weather, fun waves and good company.
Australia, IBA World Tour

Right of admission reserved

19th October 2010

Last week Tuesday saw Josh Kleve, Simon Heale, Sacha Specker, Gregg Fraser and myself lucking into some waves at an isolated location.
South Africa

Want to take your bodyboarding to the next level?

5th October 2010

Wow, what a week spent up in Durban for SA champs! Was great to see everyone and see that South African bodyboarding is alive and well! Well done to my Boetie for taking out the win he was by far the best rider of the event so a very deserving champion.

Crossing the Divide

2nd September 2010

So Sintra is over and as Boetie has already written Amaury is the 2010 IBA world Champion. Just getting to be there when he won was the most electrifying thing I have ever experienced and as Ben and I carried him up the beach I couldn't help but fight back tears.
IBA World Tour, Portugal, Spain

Sintra Portugal Pro 2010

26th August 2010

1 South African, 10 Australians and a big house full of girls? Not as debaucherous as it sounds, seems everyone is more focussed on the job at hand - the Sintra pro, which looks like it could just be the title decider for 2010.
IBA World Tour, Portugal

Australia 2010

14th August 2010

There is something about flying that always makes one's hair look in top form, or at least that's the case with mine. Yes, I am on another metal bird, this time sealed inside for 14 hours non-stop Sydney-Johannesburg after completing my second winter season on the Australian East Coast.

A cold few days in June

27th June 2010

This week I was given the opportunity to give one of the worlds heaviest waves a proper dig. What I experienced over the past 2 days is pretty indescribable but I'll do my best to put Luna Park into words.

Contest Chronicles v1.6 - SIC 2010

19th June 2010

Yes I am still alive and since I last wrote, I've travelled through 3 countries, had a few nights out, been inside many barrels and consumed vast amounts of coffee.
Australia, IBA World Tour

Contest Chronicles v1.5 - Peruvian Inka Challenge

31st May 2010

Frothing on my 3rd place [IBA Peruvian Inka Challenge], but at the same time frustrated as I know I was so close in that Semi with Amaury.
IBA World Tour, Peru

Chilean Cake 3 - How bad do you want it?

22nd May 2010

By now you all most likely know that I was elimanted in my round 5 heat against Amaury, Magno and Novy on Thursday [Arica Chilean Challenge], and to tell you the truth I have been putting off writing this blog for a number of days.
Chile, IBA World Tour

Chilean Cake 2

16th May 2010

Four slices of cheese cake and 2 days later and not much has happened other than some high performance free surfs and rounds 1-3 which has resulted in my round 4 heat looking like this: Damian King, Jacob Romero, a local shredder and me.
Chile, IBA World Tour

Chilean Cake

15th May 2010

You have no idea how much cake I have consumed since arriving in Chile. I have totally let loose after just getting over that heinous bug that plagued us in Brazil and am having the time of my life.
Chile, IBA World Tour

Contest Chronicles v1.4 - Buzios Pro

8th May 2010

I went down today at the hands of a spanish ripper, Diego Cabrera and a Brazillian Herman Castro. This means I walk away with a joint 17th and 300USD prize money from the Buzios Pro 2010.
Brazil, IBA World Tour

Contest Chronicles v1.3 - Buzios Pro

7th May 2010

What a wild weeks it's been. We left Rio on Tuesday arvo for Buzios, the crew consisting of Kingy, Lilly, Yeray Martinez and me. After almost missing the bus we eventually got on and were on our way to Buzios, a Plett like town 2 hours north of Rio.
Brazil, IBA World Tour

Cape2Rio Ep. 2

4th May 2010

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine Brazil to have waves of this quality, from wedging beachbreaks to shallow, sucky reefbreaks, Brazil really has something for everyone.


30th April 2010

After the Soldiers comp, I hopped on a plane home, for the first time in almost a year ...
Brazil, South Africa

Contest Chronicles v1.2 - Soldiers Beach Pro

18th April 2010

Today I have some really good news for you ... I claimed a 2nd behind Damian King at the 2010 Soldiers beach pro, which is the 2nd event on the IBA world tour for 2010.
Australia, IBA World Tour

Chasing Fame

16th April 2010

Currently writing from the Central Coast of NSW where I have been for the past 2 days, checking out the early rounds of the Soldiers Beach Pro.
Australia, IBA World Tour

Contest Chronicles v1.0 - QAB Pro

12th April 2010

Hey everyone, writing this in utter excitement, as this post signifies the launch of my new blog in conjunction with SIXTY40.co.za and I have some exciting news to share with you!
Australia, IBA World Tour

Update from Oz

5th April 2010

Since being back in Australia I have been a pretty busy boy, I have signed a 3 year deal with Turbo Bodyboards which will see me on the world tour and a number of trips over the next few years.

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