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16th April 2010

Hey all.

Currently writing from the Central Coast of NSW where I have been for the past 2 days, checking out the early rounds of the Soldiers Beach Pro. The week got off to an epic start, arriving back in Sydney, Jacob and I headed down the coast to meet up with mate and photo Guru Ray Collins to get some shooting done for an upcoming magazine feature.

On Tuesday arvie we puched it down to Kiama, home to that scary Bombie featured in the last issue of Sixty40 and to a sick left hand wedge. We had originally planned to shoot water, but due to an unfortunate event (a first time memory lapse for Ray) Jacob and I headed out while Ray shot from the rocks looking onto the wave. This turned out be the best thing ever, with the elements coming together for an amazing image on last light which I hope you'll get to see in print sometime!

Ray is the man and was so stoked with the days produce he took Jacob and I out for a celebratory schooner(pint) of beer. Stoked.

After an amazing feed courtesy of Ray's killer family we hit the sack and were up early to meet the brunt of the swell. Originally dissapointed, the day had a happy ending with us lucking into the best Black Rock I have surfed so far, with just the Player brothers, Jacob and I, Morgan Brown and a handful of local shredders out to enjoy the 4ft peeling lefts on offer! We were so stoked as this was exactly the session we needed to nail the finishing touches and we did it! We surfed till pitch black, before being forced to retreat back into the woods to avoid the Mozzies. I arrived on the Central Coast the next morning stressed and tired after a 3 hour train trip thinking I was not going to make my heat, only to find I had been seeded into Round 4 along with the rest of the top 16. SO PUMPED! It's been great to relax and surf the fun peaks on offer down the beach whilst watching Daniel progress all the way from Round 1, he is in Round 4 tommorow, along with myself and Mark Watts, who also advanced through his heat today.

The waves look fun for the morning, I'm up against Ben Player, Sam Bennet and Nathan Branch, and you can check the rest out at Thanks again for all the support via my Facey! I get so stoked knowing I'm making my country proud!

Jerry P.S. I have no recent photos to share as of yet, but my good friend James Adams has kindly agreed to let me use these from Hawaii for you's to check out! Yew!

Jared Houston, prone invert

Jared Houston, prone back flip

Jared Houston, prone freefall at Keiki

Australia, IBA World Tour

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17th April 2010 12:32
nice post mate, you were killing it out at blackrock in the arvo on wednesday heaps of air reverses and one massive blackflip that i can remember. hope to see some pictures if you've got any. good luck in the soldiers beach pro mate.
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