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  • Loflo Outtakes: Jared Houston & Sacha Specker

    10th February 2015
    Jared Houston and Sacha Specker getting the job done right. These are some outtakes from the full movie, LoFlo, courtesy of Neels Smit and Greg Frasier.
  • Tropic Thunder

    26th December 2014
    Thunder is common in the tropics although not always the oceanic kind. Christmas came early for Jared Houston this year, and here is the proof neatly wrapped for your enjoyment.
  • Cloud 9 Times

    21st August 2014
    Corban Warrington, James Adams, Conor Eastment, Kyron Polakow, Sean Catterson score a sweet holiday at legendary Cloud 9 on Siargao Island, Phillippines.
  • Passing Through - Portugal

    21st July 2014
    An exert from the Passing Through film. Starring PLC and Jared Houston going bonkers out a big right hand close out.
  • Jared Houston mega air reverse @ Arica

    17th July 2014
    A slowed down version of Jared Houston's enormous, text book air reverse in Chile.
  • Colin van Dongen: Dreamer Profile

    16th July 2014
    Moments from the life of Colin van Dongen - bodyboarder, surfer, longboarder, traveller, videographer, dreamer and founder of Media / DSD Media.
  • Andre Botha - KZN Tube Time

    29th June 2014
    Some more winter goodness from the Kwa-Zulu Natal coast in South Africa.
  • OAHU

    28th June 2014
    Oahu is a 20 minutes film from the French Océan Roots crew & friends during the Pipeline contest this winter.
  • Bernardo Jerónimo - The Fall

    27th June 2014
    A slick edit from one of the many talented Portuguese bodyboarders.
  • Gypsy The Series - Episode 1

    26th June 2014
    From the makers of Gypsy The Movie, António Saraiva and Manuel Barbosa release their first episode from Gypsy The Series.

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