Bodyboarding Videos

  • BoogieCT - Winter in Summer

    12th February 2014
    The latest offering from David McMaster Productions showing the wild and uncharacteristic swells that have hit Cape Town this summer
  • Killer Days teaser

    5th February 2014
    Have you ever had a Killer Day? Where the swell keeps on rolling. The lineups empty and barrels go on and on.
  • Loflo

    3rd February 2014
    The epic 27 minute collaboration from Neels Smit and Greg Fraser.
  • Dylan Le Roux: 16

    26th November 2013
    There's something in the water in the Boland. Dylan Le Roux (16 years old) showing that there is no shortage of up and coming talent from the region.
  • Chasing Stoke

    18th November 2013
    Dave McMaster's entry for the 2013 Wavescape Short Cuts film festival.
  • 80 seconds with Kyle Cabano

    8th October 2013
    A glimpse into the lifestyle of Mr. Cabano with some great waves.
  • Iain Campbell: Dribs and Drabs

    17th September 2013
    The latest clip from Iain Campbell, fresh off his blog -
  • Spencer Frost: Africa

    16th September 2013
    Spencer Frost recently spent time in our backyard and scored. Here's a a decent size (10 min) clip documenting his travels through Africa in July 2013.
  • The September of 2013 // Spring Sessions

    13th September 2013
    Kyle Cabano's latest clip of the Boland region.
  • Born to Boogie

    11th September 2013
    The coffee table book following our great sport's history.

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