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  • Mafoos Lombard 2015

    30th November 2015
    Our current (and very deserving) SA Champ for 2015, Mafoos Lombard, and an amazing multi angled clip edited by the very talented Mark Reitz.
  • Tand 2015 - The Unofficial Video

    16th July 2015
    David McMaster Productions gets the job done from across the channel at the Tand Invitational 2015!
  • Tand Invitational 2015 highlights

    15th July 2015
    The Tand Invitational 2015 final saw 2 x world champion, Andre Botha, world junior champion and Springbok bodyboarder Tristan Roberts, Durban's multiple national champion Michael Ostler, and the young and skilled Hermanus local, Wian Oosthuizen, fight it
  • Tand Invitational 2015 heat draw

    9th July 2015
    Heat Draws for the 2015 Tand Invitational.
  • Andre Botha: Skeleton Bay Desert Fury

    12th June 2015
    Andre Botha drops another incredible clip courtesy of Trish Waters.
  • Chris James - 12 Months In The Salt

    11th June 2015
    12 months with Griz in the salt. Edited by Matt Lackey.
  • Stephen Du Preez in Hawaii

    3rd June 2015
    One of our favourite clips just out, Stephen Du Preez took his first pilgrimage to Hawaii and came back with an amazing collection of footage from all the famous spots. All packaged in a slick edited from Michael Veltman.
  • Andre Botha: The contrast of Dirtbin

    23rd May 2015
    If you were interested in how the early winter was going in Durban (i.e. pumping) then look no further than this clip of Andre Botha shredding courtesy of Trish Waters.
  • Terence Pieters @ Tand May 2015

    21st May 2015
    Terence Pieters and a clip at the infamous dentist. Filmed and edited by Simon Heale.
  • Holding On - official trailer

    8th May 2015
    The first ever feature length documentary about bodyboarding, Holding On is the incredible true story of a group of friends from Cronulla, who through their reckless, no-holds-barred approach to living life and riding waves changed the sport of bodyboardi

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