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Old School Legends

2012 Bodyboarding Readers' Poll

Final Results

Billy Thiel
#1South Africa Billy Thiel48 pts
Douglas Cockwell
#2South Africa Douglas Cockwell36 pts
Gordon Cockwell
#3South Africa Gordon Cockwell20 pts
Michael van Huyssteen
#3South Africa Michael van Huyssteen20 pts
Paul Sartorius
#5South Africa Paul Sartorius10 pts
Mike Stewart
#6Hawaii Mike Stewart8 pts
Alistair Taylor
#6South Africa Alistair Taylor8 pts
Nicolas Abrahams
#6South Africa Nicolas Abrahams8 pts
Steven Andrews
#6South Africa Steven Andrews8 pts
Kainoa McGee
#10Hawaii Kainoa McGee6 pts
Jacques van heerden
#10South Africa Jacques van heerden6 pts
Brett Lingley
#10South Africa Brett Lingley6 pts
Ryan Watkins
#10South Africa Ryan Watkins6 pts
Darren Beitz
#14South Africa Darren Beitz4 pts
Geordie Muller
#14South Africa Geordie Muller4 pts
Dean Seppings
#14South Africa Dean Seppings4 pts
Sihle Xaba
#17South Africa Sihle Xaba2 pts
Gustav Botha
#17South Africa Gustav Botha2 pts
Jarrod Thomas
#17South Africa Jarrod Thomas2 pts




The Poll runs each year from 1 Jan to 31 Dec
Amendments are allowed during this period
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Points are weighted based on the number of votes cast:
1 vote2 pts
2 votes4 pts2 pts
3 votes6 pts4 pts2 pts
4 votes8 pts6 pts4 pts2 pts
5 votes10 pts8 pts6 pts4 pts2 pts
You may vote for yourself
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