Vaughn Harris


Username:Vaughn Harris
Riding Since:1993 (31 Years)
Hometown:ZA George, Western Province, South Africa
Current Location:ZA Kleinbos, South Africa
Local Surfspots:ZA The Wedge (Plett), ZA Herolds Bay, ZA Outerpool, ZA Koeel Bay (Caves)
Riding Style:50% Prone, 50% Dropknee (Stance: Natural)
Sponsors:Reef, Science Bodyboards
Boards:Science - Vaughn Harris model

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Favourite Surfspots:AU Newcastle, AU Shark Island, US North Shore, ZA Kleinbrak
Favourite Bodyboarders:ZA Marc Jucker, ZA Warren Baynes
Favourite Videos:Cheap Thrills (2005), Lines of Fire, SMH, The Joker (2004), The Project
Favourite Bands:Black Eyed Peas, Cake, Green Day, Metallica, Pearl Jam
Other Interests:Bass Fishing, Fly Fishing, Photography


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AU AustraliaEC Ecuador Hawaii
ID IndonesiaIE IrelandUK United Kingdom

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28th October 2010 14:10
Hi Babz
love you!!!
18th February 2009 15:27
i love you, you squishy noodle you!
always and forever...
Vaughn Harris

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