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Dates:27th September - 2nd October 2009
Organisation:South African Bodyboarding Association
Classification:National Champs
Heat Sheets:Reef SA Bodyboarding Champs heats

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Team Results: Fishman Trophy
2nd October 2009 19:33
3 WP
5 EP
SABA Circuit Champions
2nd October 2009 19:31
Pro: M Watts (CKZN)
Juniors: A Kleve (WP)
Boys: S Koopmans (WP)
Dropknee: S Tickner (WP)
Mens: S Heale (WP)
Ladies: S Vester (NKZN), T des Rasmos (CKZN)
Masters: M van Huysteen (CKZN)

Note: SABA circuit excludes SA Champs
Pro: Final Results
2nd October 2009 19:20
1 S Specker (WP)
2 J Oliff (CKZN)
3 M McCarthy (NKZN)
4 A Waites (CKZN)
5 T Pieters (SKZN), D Lee (SKZN)
7 I Campbell (CKZN), V Harris (BOL)
Juniors: Final Results
2nd October 2009 19:15
1 M Webster (BOL)
2 D Lillienfeld (WP)
3 A Waites (CKZN)
4 S Prestwich (SKZN)
Dropknee: Final Results
2nd October 2009 19:13
1 S Specker (WP)
2 V Harris (BOL)
3 W du Preez (CKZN)
4 W Canepa (EP)


juan du plessisJuan Du Plessis
29th September 2009 12:58
Where is Southern Cape this year? No man boys!!
Spy DudePierre Marqua
31st July 2009 15:57
and dont be surprised if it doesnt.
Surfers might be dooses, but they are still head and schoulders above the like of the ANCYL, COSATU and friends in the rhelms of civilization and respect for the law. This is a friggin contest, not a service delivery riot!
rudiRudi Geyser
31st July 2009 15:08
dont be surprised if the contest tent gets burned down
26th June 2009 12:17
wtf?! bazarre
Armandt RouxArmandt Roux
24th June 2009 22:27
gee dik cold water.....
Jaco LoubserJaco Loubser
23rd June 2009 12:57
Dwallaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, dig you>>>>>
why not have it at Horsetrials or Big Bay, hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
john O'Sullivan Dwaalajohn O'Sullivan Dwaala
12th June 2009 22:11
are u %$#@ing serious.......................rather keep the circus in town
MooseMarcel Habets
12th June 2009 07:41
The 2009 Reef, Sience, Ocean and Earth SA Bodyboaring Championships will be held in the Elands Bay to Lamberts Bay areas. Please contact you local bodyboaring association for further detail.
Armandt RouxArmandt Roux
11th June 2009 17:54
Is the contest spot confirmed? and if so could you maby post it please
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