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Mark McCarthy


Username:Mark Mac
Riding Since:2000 (16 Years)
Hometown:ZA Richards Bay, Northern Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa
Riding Style:99% Prone, 1% Dropknee,
Boards:McCarthy Model
About me:Charge harder, surf longer, bust higher and live forever.
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Mark McCarthyMark McCarthyMark McCarthyMark McCarthy
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Favourite Bands:Beautiful Girls, Boxcar Racer, Cake, NOFX


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AU Australia Canary IslandsCL Chile
HawaiiID IndonesiaMZ Mozambique
NA NamibiaPT PortugalES Spain
VE Venezuela  
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KellyKelly Footit
1st August 2009 19:16
Vote for Mark in the Cleo Magazine "Most eligible batchelor" competition. The winner will receive a new car ... all you have to do is sms MARK to 35915.
MichelleDanielsMichelle Daniels
6th December 2007 21:04
Yeah, MARK! You're the man, Respect!
Intense Bru--you really pulled through in the last few seconds at the Canary Islands El Confital Pro! Congratulations! Stoked for you and had a good vibe! I'm sure you will make an awesome performance tomorrow as well, in the finals! Pullin for you and all the best to you :)
3rd August 2007 10:38
Represent Dude! Sick stuff
mighaelMichael McCarthy
23rd July 2007 23:36
how was the wave at shark island..
congrats on getting second.
AMAndre Marais
21st July 2007 12:33
Well done Mark, makes me proud growing up in the bay...always knew you could do it!
SantaNick Phillips
13th July 2007 17:38
Well done Boet, always knew you could bust but not this much. Keep it up. Nick
BillybusterBilly Tennant
11th July 2007 10:07
yeah congrats mark!! watched it live on the swellnet cam, u killed it and represented SA!! too stoked man-welldone bud, u deserve it!!
KellyKelly Footit
10th July 2007 19:13
Congrats on the CSIC result from all at sixty40 ! SA's one man army did good.

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