Marc Webster


Riding Since:2000 (24 Years)
Hometown:ZA Onrus, Hermanus, Boland, South Africa
Current Location:ZA Hermanus, South Africa
Local Surfspots:ZA Onrus Beach, ZA Sandbaai, ZA Kokkarot, ZA Koeel Bay (Caves)
Riding Style:80% Prone, 20% Dropknee (Stance: Goofy)
Boards:Nomad - Chris James PE, Nomad - Cresent PE, Vortex - Dre

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Favourite Surfspots:ZA Koeel Bay, ZA The Wedge (Plett), ZA Spot X, ZA Famous
Favourite Bodyboarders:ZA Wesley Fischer, AU Mitchell Rawlins, FR Pierre-Louis Costes, AU Dave Winchester, ZA Daniel Worsley, ZA Johan de Goede, ZA Andre Botha
Favourite Videos:No Friends, Supastars 2, Tension 4, The Road (2006)
Favourite Bands:2pac, Anthony B, Atmosphere, Bob Marley, Jack Johnson
Other Interests:Chilling with friends, Pool, Soccer

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WebstaMarc Webster
9th October 2009 16:59
Respect urself befor u Wreck yourself!!
Marc Webster

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