Science/Reef South African Champs


Dates:29th September - 3rd October 2008
Venue:Richards Bay, Northern Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa Alkantstrand
Organisation:South African Bodyboarding Association
Classification:National Champs
Heat Sheets:Science/Reef South African Champs heats

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KellyKelly Footit
2nd October 2008 18:03
We have received the latest heat sheets with results from Day 4 which you can download (above).
Jane McClureJane McClure
1st October 2008 11:23
Just checking for the updated heatsheets from yesterday... Nada..... maybe I'm being doff...
KellyKelly Footit
30th September 2008 12:23
Heat sheets uploaded - see link above.
raynerRayner Venter
15th September 2008 17:57
Ag damit at least im geting a free hair cut its gna be so fun yay
Kevin WilliamsKevin Williams
15th September 2008 16:34
Unfortunatly cause it's your first Champs............................
you don't have a plan. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. It's all good
raynerRayner Venter
15th September 2008 15:25
kevin its coz i beat you to da finals yesterday isnt it haha no worrys il make big money off it haha im bringing my own plan
Kevin WilliamsKevin Williams
15th September 2008 13:18
Rayner is gonna get his head shaved. Unlucky, but all part of the spirit.
candsCandice Whittaker
15th September 2008 11:17
the kingthe king
10th September 2008 16:46
WP is gna win....thats all there is to it
raynerRayner Venter
2nd September 2008 10:43
SA Champs is gna be awsme one way or another
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