Hello the Future - Sixty40 goes 100% digital

posted by Ian Kruger on 16th February 2011

In the ever changing world of media we at Sixty40 have decided to embrace going digital. With there being so much free content available on the web we found that sales were starting to slow while our online readers have grown exponentially.

With this in mind we have taken to producing a magazine that will be with you 4 times a year and will get delivered to your favourite web browsing device. We have levelled the playing field with iPhone, iPad, iPod, desktop and Android apps.

Desktop: www.sixty40.co.za/magazine
iPod, iPhone or iPad now: http://bit.ly/iSixty40
Android mobiles: http://bit.ly/6040android

We will be bringing you more content and more images more often, and all of this now comes at the amazing one time offer of ... free*, and we all know how everyone likes free.

We have sent out an email to everyone with subs for details on how to claim your refund. If you feel you should have received an email, first check your spam, then email subs[at]sixty40.co.za if you cannot find an email.

Ian Kruger (Ed)

* Free on Desktop & Android. iPod, iPhone & iPad issues retail at $2.99 per issue.



Rowan CRowan Campbell
18th May 2011 22:21
Yeah, hows it going?
ronald911Ronald Langeveld
18th May 2011 21:32
So, any progress?
Rowan CRowan Campbell
14th March 2011 19:26
Alright guys I'd like to apologize for the comment I made earlier......I really don't have a right to say stuff like that when I'm not the one under pressure to deliver the goods. Thanks for evolving and adapting to the changing economic climate.
ronald911Ronald Langeveld
12th March 2011 05:34
So, when can we expect our first digital edition of Sixty40?
jbsJared Schafer
25th February 2011 08:49
Digital's definitely the way to go, remember my mom posting my mags to me overseas and paying R100 a pop for postage...so worth it!
Digital will be awesome, so much more opportunity to link all forms of digital media into an online offering. Video clips, interviews, killer pics...think it's a great move, looking forward to it. Yearly print copy would be super as well if it's a viable option.
ronald911Ronald Langeveld
24th February 2011 20:55
Have to agree with Ryan! At least we'll be entertained right from our PC's with quality virtual mags! Yeewwww!
ryanRyan Archibald
23rd February 2011 12:14
It is the sign of the times and a bold move.
Keep it up and we will all be behind you!
I'm all for the annual print in December- great prezzie at the year end!!
SmTSean Tickner
22nd February 2011 11:03
Will always have the utmost respect and gratitude to the guys behind sixty40, SABA and provincial associations who work tirelessly with little or no thanks. I'm sure it wasn't an easy decision to go digital but I definitely think it will be a bigger and better opportunity to get coverage. Stoked there's still the possibility of an annual print. Keep up all the hard work guys, thanks for all the work you've done so far!
Jared HoustonJared Houston
22nd February 2011 07:22
Sixty40 and Saba/Jonothan Oliff are the only things validating the South African industry, Rowan, I dont really have words for you.
ronald911Ronald Langeveld
19th February 2011 21:09
Thats heavy Rowan... Unless you can help finance Sixty40 for printed copies, I suggest you keep these selfish comments for yourself. Sixty40 are one of the few things in SA that keeps bodyboarding on the map.
Rowan CRowan Campbell
19th February 2011 17:03
You guys F###ing SUCK!!!!!!!!!! Total let down BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
KellyKelly Footit
17th February 2011 17:49
Thanks for the support and comments guys. We loved our print mags too and would love to be able to do both. Unfortunately as most things in life it comes down to a question of $$$.

Saying that, we're pretty excited about going digital - it allows us to promote bodyboarding to a wider audience and we are not constrained by the limitations of print distribution and it allows us to be more interactive with our readers.

@pacmanphoto - we are considering one print annual per year. If we do, it will be for December. Plus we have a few other ideas which may/may not materialise as we move forward.

lyleLyle Schentke
17th February 2011 13:12
my first reaction is NOOOO!!!!! :'( but digital is the way forward. its just nice to flick through my old dust magz and remember the "good old days". time will tell if this is the way forward. all the best guys and you have my full support!!!
Ricky_BobbyRyan Williams
17th February 2011 03:11
Shit man, this is a sad day. How about just one copy a year with the rest being online or is that out of the question? I do think the decision is the right one though. I hope to see more photo's from SA based photogs, depending on quality ofcourse.
All the best
ronald911Ronald Langeveld
16th February 2011 16:10
Kinda bleak, but hey hopefully this could actually mean much more pages, instead of just the +-50 pages of what the mag used to be. More pictures from South Africa and local photographers, more stories etc etc. This Could actually work, I mean, its not like extra digital pages cost anything. ;)
Anyway, good luck for the future! Still stays my all time favorite magazine!
StJohnLombard_BodyboarderStJohn Lombard
16th February 2011 15:42

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