Sixty40 December issue advertising special

posted by Ian Kruger on 25th October 2012

Advertising special for the December issue:

So, you have a brand, the brand likes bodyboarding, the brand wants to reach bodyboarders en masse without selling a kidney? (And let's be honest, putting your own stuff on Facebook is so 2010)

How does 10 000 unique viewers sound?

Not enough? How about this, for the December blockbuster issue if you sign on with the mag for 4 issues (Yes, we have a contract for you to sign for 4 issues, and yes, that comes with an ADDITIONAL 10% discount.) We will add in a banner advert on rotation with all the other advertisers for FREE (The word we all love).

Artwork deadline: 15 November 2012
Magazine release date: 1 December 2012
Contact us ASAP:



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