Sixty40 Bodyboarding Magazine launches

posted on 17th May 2007

sixty40 bodyboarding magazine issue #1On 28 May the first issue of Sixty40 Bodyboarding Magazine hits the shelves, finally giving the bodyboarding community of South Africa something to be seriously stoked about.

The magazine which collaborates with the popular website, will be the only South African bodyboarding publication on the market and will include content that is intelligent, relevant and insightful. Also featured, are a visual array of works to be supplied by local and international contributors.

Publisher Ian Kruger has this to say, "Our aim with Sixty40 is to bring bodyboarders something to be proud of. A creative outlet designed to satisfy. Bodyboarders have been bemoaning the lack of choice from a local publication aspect, which has meant them forking out big money for international publications. We'd like to bring everyone together while taking pride in our sport, for once and for all stepping away from the usual stereotypes, and staying true to our own identity. Ultimately we'll portray the sport as we see it."

Much like the website content relies on contributions from its readers, the magazine's aim is to draw contributors from around the country developing it into a 'community' effort and representing the sport along the entire South African coastline. In fact, Sixty40 Bodyboarding Magazine is paying for contributions. "The aim is to support the photographers and writers who ultimately showcase our sport...without them the sport cannot grow." says the team.

With predominantly but not exclusively bodyboarding content, readers are offered a crossover into other extreme sports, as well as articles on the achievements of bodyboarders in other areas of their lives; whether in their careers, other sports or personally.

Together the website and the magazine will act as a double edged brand each fuelling the success of the other.

Launch date: 28 May 2007
Cover price: R20
Availability: Surf stores and online subscriptions (
Target market: 14 - 30+ male and female
Publisher: Panacea Publishing - Started by Ian Kruger, pro bodyboarder
Publisher and Managing Editor: Ian Kruger (Cape Town)
Associate Editor: Mike Dei-Cont (Cape Town)
Art Director: Samuel Sampi Kamffer (Plettenberg Bay)
Online Editor and Web Support: Kelly Footit (London)

For more Magazine info go to "Magazine" on the sixty40 menu. Click here for more info on the current issue.



kruIan Kruger
22nd May 2007 08:56
No worries, its out this monday so get to a surfshop and make a purchase. It's going to be good...
JarretJarret Johnson
21st May 2007 14:36
Stoked that somones done this for our sport, we deserve it...nice one Ian..
dcmikeMike Dei-Cont
19th May 2007 13:23
Ahoy avid readers!
Quite right Marthinus. The cost to print a magazine of this quality is pretty hectic so big up to the man who went and put his cash where his heart is and to those that have jumped at the opportunity to support it! You guys may be wondering why you can't get the mag at your local PNA/CNA..? The nature of the distribution network just does not allow for the 'speciality' magazine. Most magazines in SA belong to one of two publishing houses who distribute a dozen different titles simultaneously spreading the cost of distribution between them. For a stand-alone like us, we are totally reliant on you guys involved in the sport to share the stoke and spread the word and so far you've have been awesome! If any of you have some bright ideas to increase the distribution - hell, let us know! And yeah, roll on the subscriptions!
MarthinusMarthinus Botha
19th May 2007 12:25
"Im going to spread the love now and camp outside my nearest surfstore so can be the first to get my hands on one when the shop opens to avoid the queues"

Or alternatively, you can subscribe.. haha..

People must remember, most of the money a magazine makes is not from the the amount of copies that they sell but from advertising, and what attracts advertisers is the amount of guaranteed subscribed readers a magazine has.

So rather take out a subsription on the mag than buying it from a shop.
TiaanKTiaan Kriegler
18th May 2007 13:51
Spy DudePierre Marqua
18th May 2007 13:28
that cover makes my teeth hurt... its sick!!!
kruIan Kruger
18th May 2007 09:30
Just wanted to say to everyone a big thanks for the massive support. On the secret spot issue we have a disclaimer of sorts in the mag. Check it out, and if people still aren't happy, what can we do? can't please everyone...hope everyone enjoys the mag. And a big Thanks to the team of Sampi, Mike, Kelly and Larah. I think everyone did an excellent job. Enjoy.
18th May 2007 08:56
Hi there Sixty 40 (Mag)! Stoked to see that there are still guys out there who persues the dream of making something come true within the South African Bodyboarding community. It is just that I know of some [edit*] crew who are NOT happy with the front cover picture, due to to fact that some secrets are best kept secret. Otherwise I am also glad to see that the magazine is a team effort, something that - in my opinion - the previous two magazines did not have. I wish all the best to Ian Kruger for his effort and also to all those who will be contributing to make this magazine a success. I cannot wait to get my 1st copy! All the best!

[*Admin edit: Town name removed so as not to expose the location of the spot in question. Please be more careful in future. Kelly]
Pi bodyboardsDeon Meyer
17th May 2007 21:21
Amazing work done by those guys ive seen kru bust his ass and miss a few poker nights and not even forgetting the other guys putting alot on the line for the mag.

Thank you for making the impossible possible again.

Proud to support
Proud to be a Bodyboarder.
SebSebastian Simons
17th May 2007 12:38
Sick, welldone guys really amped. spending 80rand on a international magazine was really a mission cant wait to read ur proudly SA mag! will u guys be including sum of the big international names? Will buy the mag as soon as it hits the shelves. Seb
Darryn StephenDarryn Stephen
17th May 2007 11:43
To Ian and the rest of the team, good on you guys! Stoked to know that we are going to have a mag again!
dcmikeMike Dei-Cont
17th May 2007 11:14
Ahoy Chilternburt

The international sub includes airmail postage so as fast as possible. The mag is in final stages (all printed - being bound and bagged) so as soon as it's ready the first batch will go to Factory7 a week before the release date and be mailed to subscribers so we're aiming at pretty much simultaneously. That's the plan! Let's see how Africa post does!

Shot for leading the way!
ChilternburtMichael McGlone
17th May 2007 11:07
Good luck guys... just curious how long will us subscribers far away in london have to wait for Issue 1?
byron777Byron Versfeld
17th May 2007 07:06
good luck boys,i'll be supporting you all the way.
GordnotDougGordon Cockwell
17th May 2007 02:38
The mock up cover shot looks epic, I want to wish you all the best and it is great to see bodyboarders taking control of their future. Kelly Footit has led by example with the website and now it is great to see others jion up with him and bring us a colourful magazine of our sport.

All the best and can't waite to see the first issue guys.

Gordon Cockwell

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