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2013 Bodyboarding Readers' Poll

The best bodyboarders for 2013 have been decided by Sixty40 readers.

Final Results

Best Male Bodyboarder

1stSouth AfricaStorm Prestwich54 pts
2ndSouth AfricaTerence Pieters36 pts
3rdSouth AfricaJared Houston24 pts
4thSouth AfricaSacha Specker20 pts
4thSouth AfricaMark McCarthy20 pts

Best Female Bodyboarder

1stSouth AfricaGeorgi McKeone12 pts
2ndSouth AfricaRosie Lombard10 pts
2ndSouth AfricaPamela Bowren10 pts
4thBrazilIsabela Sousa8 pts
4thSouth AfricaNikki Gericke8 pts

Best DK Bodyboarder

1stSouth AfricaSacha Specker36 pts
2ndSouth AfricaIain Campbell28 pts
3rdSouth AfricaDerek Footit26 pts
4thSouth AfricaDune Barker18 pts
5thSouth AfricaAden Kleve10 pts

Best Big Wave Bodyboarder

1stSouth AfricaJared Houston26 pts
2ndSouth AfricaDarren Halse22 pts
3rdSouth AfricaDerek Footit18 pts
3rdSouth AfricaBrendon van Rooyen18 pts
5thSouth AfricaAndre Botha12 pts

Old School Legends

1stSouth AfricaMartin Otto16 pts
1stSouth AfricaKevin Williams16 pts
1stSouth AfricaAlistair Taylor16 pts
4thSouth AfricaBilly Thiel14 pts
4thSouth AfricaPaul Sartorius14 pts

Most Underrated Bodyboarder

1stSouth AfricaRory Fellow-Smith54 pts
2ndSouth AfricaWesley Coetzee32 pts
3rdSouth AfricaDune Barker22 pts
4thSouth AfricaStorm Prestwich20 pts
5thSouth AfricaDane Klusener14 pts

Best Videographer

1stSouth AfricaColin van Dongen14 pts
2ndSouth AfricaNeels Smit6 pts
3rdCanadaEmilie Ouellette4 pts
3rdSouth AfricaGreg Frasier4 pts
5thSouth AfricaGreg Vorster2 pts

Service to Bodyboarding

1stSouth AfricaLen Bradford24 pts
2ndSouth AfricaWayne Beekman18 pts
3rdSouth AfricaKelly Footit14 pts
4thSouth AfricaBilly Thiel10 pts
4thSouth AfricaDerek Footit10 pts




The Poll runs each year from 1 Jan to 31 Dec
Amendments are allowed during this period
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You are allowed 5 votes per category
Points are weighted based on the number of votes cast:
1 vote2 pts
2 votes4 pts2 pts
3 votes6 pts4 pts2 pts
4 votes8 pts6 pts4 pts2 pts
5 votes10 pts8 pts6 pts4 pts2 pts
You may vote for yourself
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Poll Stats

No of Voters:33
No of Votes:296

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