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Neels Smit


Riding Since:1997 (19 Years)
Hometown:ZA Vredenburg, Western Province, South Africa
Local Surfspots:Vredenburg, Western Province, South Africa Braaivleis, Western Province, South Africa West Coast Undisclosed, West Coast, Western Province, South Africa Heaven, Western Province, South Africa West Coast Undisclosed,
Riding Style:100% Prone,
Boards:Elemenohpee - Skippy
About me:WKK-for life!!!!!!!!!!!
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Neels SmitNeels SmitNeels SmitNeels SmitNeels Smit
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Neels SmitNeels SmitNeels SmitNeels SmitNeels Smit

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Favourite Surfspots:Elands Bay, Western Province, South Africa Elands Bay Point,
Favourite Bodyboarders:Cape Town, Western Province, South Africa Daniel Worsley, Boland, South Africa Dawie Wright, Western Province, South Africa Ignatius van Heerden, onrus, Boland, South Africa Henk Esterhuysen, Vredenburg, Western Province, South Africa Attie van Heerden, Blouberg, Western Province, South Africa Jared Houston, Richards Bay, Northern Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa Mark McCarthy,
Favourite videos:Boogie Days, Cheap Thrills, Lines of Fire, Locallenz - Fools to note, No Friends 1 - A Video Project, No Friends 2 - Friends Of None, No Friends 3 - This Is Your Life, No Friends 4 - Guilty By Association, No Friends 8 - The Roadhouse, no friends9-road to ruin, RAW I and II, Retina Rehab, ROT: Soft Spoken, The Harde Lyfe 1 + 2(Ryan Hardy's Film), The joker
Favourite Bands:A F I, Cypress Hill, Dialated People, Jarrasic 5, lemonheads, Rise Against, sonic youth, soulfly, wu-tang clan
Other Interests:Camping, Sandboarding, Video Editing, Videography


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HawaiiNL NetherlandsUK United Kingdom
US United States  


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