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Henk Esterhuysen


Username:dj vis
Riding Since:1998 (18 Years)
Hometown:ZA onrus, Boland, South Africa
Current Location:ZA Hermanus, South Africa
Local Surfspots:Hermanus, Boland, South Africa Bay View, Boland, South Africa Koeel Bay, Betties Bay, Boland, South Africa Kokkarot, Onrus, Boland, South Africa Sandbaai,
Riding Style:99% Prone, 1% Dropknee (Goofy),
About me:You don't get famous bodyboardig!!!!!Just do it because you love it and for the friends that do it with you.Stoked, day in and day out.
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Henk EsterhuysenHenk EsterhuysenHenk EsterhuysenHenk EsterhuysenHenk Esterhuysen
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Henk Esterhuysen

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Latest Contest Results

  Position   Contest   Division  
13 Cape Classic 2005 Pro
13 South African Champs 2004 Juniors
1 Provincial Trials 2004 Juniors
13 Wedge Classic 2004 Juniors
5 Boland Big Wave Contest 2004 Pro
17 BZ Cape Classic 2004 Juniors
13 South African Champs 2003 Juniors
1 Provincial Trials 2003 Juniors
25 Wedge Classic 2003 Juniors
18 South African Champs 2002 Juniors


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