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West Coast Undisclosed

West Coast UndisclosedWest Coast UndisclosedWest Coast UndisclosedWest Coast UndisclosedWest Coast Undisclosed


Province:Western Province
Country:ZA   South Africa



Date Contest Organisation
25th - 27th March 2016  West Coast Classic SABA
7th - 10th April 2011  Kumba West Coast Classic SABA


Ruan BritsRuan Brits
11th October 2010 08:37
Hey dudes, lets all share spots and discover this great west coast to make it leke for everybody why keep something secret when it is not even yours to own?
shaun/westcoastShaun Sobey
8th June 2007 08:29
firstly i didnt want to post made a silly screw up on my profile haha and it ended up at coments sorrrry!!peace spy dude all good hey sory 4 that overeacting paece hope 2 catch u in the water cherios
JmoJames Moolenschot
7th June 2007 16:41
Isn't it a bit stupid to post a spot location for a secretspot? Especially such a very secret one?
MarthinusMarthinus Botha
7th June 2007 12:40
Shaun, tone down guy, SpyDude is probably twice your age.. Show some respect
shaun/westcoastShaun Sobey
7th June 2007 11:23
listen spy dude why u always stiring up things i surf for boland idiot vredenburg is here in the west coast ya u right u go past it to elands !!!!!!!!
Spy DudePierre Marqua
7th June 2007 11:09
Is vredenburg in the Boland? always seem to drive past on my way up to ebay ;)
shaun/westcoastShaun Sobey
7th June 2007 10:25
sorry its a secret

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