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Deon Meyer


Username:Pi bodyboards
Riding Since:1997 (19 Years)
Hometown:ZA Cape Town, Western Province, South Africa
Current Location:ZA Cape town, South Africa
Local Surfspots:Blaawberg, Western Province, South Africa Derdesteen, Cape Town, Western Province, South Africa Melkbosstrand, Cape Town (Table View), Western Province, South Africa Horse Trails, Western Province, South Africa West Coast Undisclosed,
Riding Style:99% Prone, 1% Dropknee (Natural),
Sponsors:Pi Bodyboards
Boards:NMD - Player Concave, pi bodyboards
About me:bodyboarding is my arena for creation.....and i like my dog.
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Deon MeyerDeon MeyerDeon MeyerDeon MeyerDeon Meyer
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Deon MeyerDeon MeyerDeon MeyerDeon Meyer

Favourites & Interests

Favourite Surfspots:Boland, South Africa Koeel Bay (Caves), Ponto d'oura, , Mozambique Ponto d 'oura, , Mozambique Lava, Onrusriver, Boland, South Africa Onrus Beach, Western Province, South Africa Razorblades,
Favourite Bodyboarders:Durban, Central Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa Brandon Foster, Hawaii Jeff Hubbard, Australia Mitchell Rawlins, Australia Damian King, Cape Town, Western Province, South Africa Ian Kruger,
Favourite videos:ABC A Blank Canvas, Lines of Fire, No Friends 10, Southern Most Hope, Tension 1-10, The joker
Favourite Bands:A F I, Angels & airwaves, Blink 182, Fort Minor, Guano Apes, Linkin Park
Other Interests:Boozing, Hacky-sak, Poker, Rolling with the boys


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ID IndonesiaMZ MozambiqueNA Namibia
SG Singapore  

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