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Brandon Foster


Riding Since:1992 (24 Years)
Hometown:ZA Durban, Central Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa
Current Location:US cali, United States
Local Surfspots:Yemen Yemen,
Riding Style:1% Prone, 99% Dropknee (Natural),
Sponsors:Custom-X Bodyboards, Second Nature Products, Arson Surf Shop
Boards:Custom X - Blade, Custom X - ODB
About me:ooo I love DURBAN!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Brandon FosterBrandon FosterBrandon FosterBrandon Foster
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Brandon FosterBrandon FosterBrandon FosterBrandon FosterBrandon Foster

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Favourites & Interests

Favourite Surfspots:Iluka, New South Wales, Australia Iluka Wedge, , Yemen Shebas's Wedge,
Favourite Bodyboarders:Central Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa Charlton Foster, Durban, Central Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa Brad Fisher, United States Raffi Meyer, Hawaii Jeff Hubbard, Cape Town, Western Province, South Africa Ian Metcalf,
Favourite videos:Against the Grain, Cheap Thrills
Favourite Bands:Jamiroquai, Smashing Pumpkins, Yeah Yeah Yeah's
Other Interests:Reading MY Bible, Skate boarding


Visited Countries
AU AustraliaBW BotswanaCN China
EG EgyptSV El SalvadorFR France
DE Germany HawaiiIS Iceland
ID IndonesiaIE IrelandIL Israel
LA LaosLS LesothoMY Malaysia
MZ MozambiqueNZ New ZealandPH Philippines
PT PortugalWS SamoaZA South Africa
ES SpainTW TaiwanTH Thailand
TO TongaAE United Arab EmiratesUK United Kingdom
US United StatesUM United States Minor Outlying IslandsYE Yemen
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Latest Contest Results

  Position   Contest   Division  
23 Wedge Classic 2007 Dropknee
13 Durban Beach Pro-Am 2007 Dropknee
25 Wedge Classic 2006 Dropknee
33 Wedge Classic 2006 Pro
32 Wedge Classic 2005 Dropknee
3 Pipeline Drop Knee Rider Decider 2005 Dropknee
9 Wedge Classic 2004 Dropknee
25 Wedge Classic 2004 Pro
7 Vodacom Bodyboard Classic 2004 Dropknee
13 Vodacom Bodyboard Classic 2004 Pro


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