Readers Poll

Best DK Bodyboarder

2007 Bodyboarding Readers' Poll

Final Results

Sacha Specker
#1South Africa Sacha Specker352 pts
Brandon Foster
#2South Africa Brandon Foster328 pts
Vaughn Harris
#3South Africa Vaughn Harris168 pts
Derek Footit
#4South Africa Derek Footit149 pts
Sean Tickner
#5South Africa Sean Tickner139 pts
Joshua Kleve
#6South Africa Joshua Kleve70 pts
Ryno Turketti
#7South Africa Ryno Turketti67 pts
Chris Bosman
#8South Africa Chris Bosman49 pts
Sascha Taljaard
#9South Africa Sascha Taljaard44 pts
Wade Harrison
#10South Africa Wade Harrison40 pts
Aden Kleve
#11South Africa Aden Kleve34 pts
Daniel Worsley
#12South Africa Daniel Worsley30 pts
Wesley Fischer
#12South Africa Wesley Fischer30 pts
Charlton Foster
#14South Africa Charlton Foster27 pts
Wayne Smith
#15South Africa Wayne Smith17 pts
David Lee
#16South Africa David Lee15 pts
Simon Hagen
#17South Africa Simon Hagen14 pts
Ian Metcalf
#18South Africa Ian Metcalf10 pts
Ian Thurtell
#18South Africa Ian Thurtell10 pts
Keegan Jordaan
#18South Africa Keegan Jordaan10 pts
Ishmael Grant
#18South Africa Ishmael Grant10 pts
Iain Campbell
#22South Africa Iain Campbell9 pts
Sacha Wharton
#22South Africa Sacha Wharton9 pts
Gordon Cockwell
#22South Africa Gordon Cockwell9 pts
Ray Kean
#22South Africa Ray Kean9 pts
Matthew Webster
#26South Africa Matthew Webster7 pts
Christopher Elliott
#27South Africa Christopher Elliott6 pts
Peter Lambert
#27South Africa Peter Lambert6 pts
Warren Canepa
#29South Africa Warren Canepa5 pts
Paul Morkel
#30South Africa Paul Morkel2 pts




The Poll runs each year from 1 Jan to 31 Dec
Amendments are allowed during this period
You need to be a registered user to vote
You are allowed 5 votes per category
Points are weighted based on the number of votes cast:
1 vote2 pts
2 votes4 pts2 pts
3 votes6 pts4 pts2 pts
4 votes8 pts6 pts4 pts2 pts
5 votes10 pts8 pts6 pts4 pts2 pts
You may vote for yourself
Final points will be revealed after voting has closed

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