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posted by Darryn Stephen on 28th September 2006

Day 4 of the 20th Annual South African Bodyboarding Championships was a beautiful day on the beach. On arrival to Uvongo beach people would have been greeted with the site of over 150 competitors and officials putting in the time and effort to clean the beach and bring it back to is former beauty, braving the snakes and other weird creatures that had gathered in the sticks and other debris. Some of the Pro division guys had the dangerous task of paddling out and collecting the other larger logs that were floating around in the surf.

After all that had been done the competition was back on track, with the ladies division in first. Liza- Marie Ras(SC) dominated her heat in fine style showing her intent on winning the ladies title.

The development rounds followed with some of the guys needing the assistance of board caddies as the surf was getting rough with the North Easterly blowing.

The boys division had some explosive moves as the guys were launching their smaller bodies into the air off the bowling sections that the shore break and recently developed banks (caused as a result of the huge surf experienced over the previous days).

After the flash floods there was a lot of river water in the waves and that means “river guts!” One of the boys that was affected was Adam Waites(CKZN), who was feeling the effects of this, but true to the competitive instinct of the entrants in this years event he pushed himself even in his weakened state to win his heat.

Junior divisions were following the boys and with rumours of some of the rounds to be dropped to ensure that the event would finish on time competitors were fighting for the best waves and the competition heated up.

Through the entire day there were guys in the water on a mission to keep the huge logs and other harmful debris out of the competition area.

A big thank you goes out to all those team riders and officials that worked through the day to ensure that the competition area was kept clean and competitors were kept safe.

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