The Wimpy - Rossi Classic

Dropknee Division Results

Pos Rider Points
1South Africa Simon HagenWP 1250
2South Africa Sascha TaljaardCN 1075
3South Africa Sacha SpeckerWP 913
4South Africa Michael CooperNN 838
5South Africa Steven KeuningSN 763
5South Africa Craig MareeCN 763
7South Africa Darren HalseSN 694
7South Africa David LeeSN 694
9South Africa Brett EriksenSC 625
9South Africa Douglas GrovesSN 625
9South Africa Craig JenkinsCN 625
9South Africa Nicolas MullerSN 625
13South Africa Rheinhard du ToitNN 563
13South Africa Craig GeddesSN 563
13South Africa Vaughn HarrisWP 563
13South Africa Paul MorkelBOL 563
17South Africa Brandon FosterCN 500
17South Africa Bryan MuirheadCN 500
17South Africa Ivan Nortje 500
17South Africa Sean TicknerCN 500
17South Africa Michael WardNN 500
22South Africa George BeecherSN 469
22South Africa Gary KeuningSN 469
22South Africa Martin OttoSN 469

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