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Craig Maree


Riding Since:1988 (28 Years)
Hometown:ZA Durban, Central Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa
Current Location:ZA durban, South Africa
Riding Style:55% Prone, 40% Dropknee (Natural), 5% Standup (Goofy)
Sponsors:Rossi Board Company, Quiksilver, Viper Fins, FRESH sugar free, Hurricane systems
Boards:Rossi - Maree
About me:Check out the Rossi Maree signature board - great all round DK and Prone board!!!
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Craig MareeCraig MareeCraig MareeCraig MareeCraig Maree

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Favourite Surfspots:Oahu, Hawaii Pipeline,
Favourite videos:No Friends, The Inside
Other Interests:Flowboarding
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  Position   Contest   Division  
13 Wimpy-Rossi Pro-Am 2008 Dropknee
13 Wimpy-Rossi Pro-Am 2008 Pro
5 Hot Buttered Pro-Am 2005 Dropknee
13 Hot Buttered Pro-Am 2005 Pro
4 Wedge Classic 2005 Dropknee
3 Wedge Classic 2005 Pro
5 Wimpy Rossi Pro-Am 2005 Dropknee
7 Wimpy Rossi Pro-Am 2005 Pro
5 Cape Classic 2005 Dropknee
9 Cape Classic 2005 Pro


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