George Beecher


Riding Since:1992 (32 Years)
Hometown:ZA Uvongo, Southern Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa
Current Location:GB London, United Kingdom
Riding Style:30% Prone, 70% Dropknee (Stance: Natural)
Boards:BZ - Hubb, Custom X - Brandon Foster's Custom

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Favourite Surfspots:AU Snapper Rocks, ID Padang Padang, ZA Uvongo
Favourite Bands:Blink 182, Foo Fighters, Metallica, Pearl Jam, The Offspring


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AD AndorraAU AustraliaAT Austria
BE BelgiumCA Canada Canary Islands
FR FranceDE Germany Hawaii
ID IndonesiaIE IrelandIT Italy
MX MexicoNZ New ZealandPT Portugal
SG SingaporeES SpainCH Switzerland
UK United KingdomUS United States 

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