Cave Rock Challenge


Dates:14th - 24th April 2009
Venue:Bluff, Central Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa Cave Rock
Organisation:South African Bodyboarding Association
Classification:National Circuit

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Dane morelDane Morel
23rd April 2009 18:41
yeah..Mark McCarthy won,and wez Fischer came 2nd...
jbsJared Schafer
23rd April 2009 17:04
Conditions were pretty mental, anyone know who won it, I missed the final?
KellyKelly Footit
22nd April 2009 11:00
The contest has been a go today and reports from the beach is that conditions have been sick.
stubags58Stuart Bradford
20th April 2009 18:11
Howzit guys
The event looks good to go for Wednesday morning. At the moment the swell should be building a bit, but winds are wrong. We are expecting 6ft with early off shores for wednesday. If it does run then we are looking for a 7 'o' clock start which mean that we are going to need all competitors and officials at the beach by 6:30. We are still accepting entries for the event so if you still want to enter then please get a hold of Wayne Du Preez (Contest Director) details are on the entry form.
KellyKelly Footit
20th April 2009 01:08
Word in from the contest organisers is that Cave Rock is looking good either for Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning. More than likely Wednesday morning.

There are still a few wild card entries left - if you're keen on entering give Wayne du Preez a call on 083 797 1697 to arrange a late entry.
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