Mafoos Lombard collects big pay cheque at Kumba West Coast Classic

posted by Frans Lombard on 9th April 2012

The West Coast Classic 2012 bodyboarding event ended with a spectacular prize giving ceremony which was live streamed across the world. Matthew "Mafoos" Lombard managed to pick up the biggest pay check ever seen in South African Bodyboarding history. He was crowned the 2012 West Coast Classic champion winning R20 000 in cash thanks to Kumba Iron Ore which has been the sponsor for the last three years. Mafoos performed consistently throughout his quarter and semi-final heats and managed to pull of the bigger moves during the final to give him the edge over the other 3 finalists. Matthew Webster, also from Boland, got second place. Adam Waites was placed third and Rory Fellow-Smith fourth.

Brode Gleeson won the expression session and Vaughn Harris got the prize for top judge. Tristan Roberts insane inverse earned him the prize for the best move of the competition which scored him perfect tens across the board.

Day 4 was held at Yo Yo's beach with a big crowd attending the last day's final heats. Yo Yo's produced some big 4 foot sets running from the backline and linking up with a section in front. The DK finals produced some awesome rides from the backline with spectacular snaps and lots of spray. Aden Kleve took first place with Vaughn Harris second. Rheinhardt du Toit was placed third and Matthew Webster fourth.

The Ladies final saw some big sets appearing from the horizon. Pamela Bowren managed to produce some big rolls which earned her the title. Janeke de Kock also had some good waves but could not pull it off in difficult conditions during the heat. Sussane Joubert got third place and Rosie Lombard fourth.

The conditions at Yo Yo's were awesome during the mens final. Big sets with glassy conditions, with a big on looking crowd brought out the maximum performance in Douw Steyn which earned him the first place. Francois de Kock was second with Chris van der Westhuizen being third and Dave Camacho fourth.

Sean Oberholzer once again took the honours in the masters division with Melvin Victor being second. Morne Laubscher was third and Lee Moran fourth.

Marcel Habets received first place in the Grand Masters division with Len Bradford being second.

Stephen du Preez was crowned the Junior champ with Wilder Schultz in second. Corban Warrington picked up third place with Niklas Martin in fourth place.

During the boys final Tristan Roberts dominated the heat by landing big rolls and some high scoring ARS'. Dylan le Roux got second place with Jarrod Thompson being third and Ethan Nel fourth.

The event also included a new Lambertsbay division. Dono-Due Chrisholm got first place with Henrico von Litsenborgh in second place and Lee Henko and Colin de Kock being placed third and fourth.




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