Nissan Reunion Pro lay day - Playing with bananas and lava

posted by Simon Heale on 5th October 2011

When you come to Reunion, and everyone should, a trip to St Rose's Banana plantation and Lava Caves is a must!

The banana plantation is such a sick place filled with endemic plants and little creatures. The guide told us about how they use not only the bananas from the tree, but the "heart" of it too, which is basically a hard branch like bit in the middle and a flower.

We went back to the restaurant and sampled the delicacies they make with this part of the banana plant and I can safely say, weird texture but a really good eat. There are so many different meals they make just with this its incredible.

Next we headed off to the Lava Caves. These were formed in 2004 when the volcano erupted and sent endless tons of lava down the side of the volcano all the way to the sea, flattening everything in its path. Utter destruction! But now, 7 years later there are plants and tree's growing through and vegetation is slowly returning.

When the lava cools and hardens air pockets form and cause kilometre long natural tunnels a few meters beneath the surface of the lava - mind blowing when you walk through them as everything looks airbrushed its so smooth. As well as the fact that there is NO light in there whatsoever besides our headlights.

Two amazing experiences, 1 day, good times!



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