Reunion Pro: The 1st of many

posted by Simon Heale on 28th September 2011

This time tomorrow I will be well on my way to touching soil at one of the destinations I've always dreamed of going to, Reunion Island.

This dream has only been made possible by the IRT (Reunion Island Tourism) and Sixty40 Bodyboarding coming to the party in a very big way. My goal is to cover the 6th stop on the IBA GSS World Tour, The Nissan Reunion Pro, running from the 30th September until the 9th October.

With this being one of the last stops on the tour for the title race things are heating up at an alarming rate. Jeff Hubbard is leading the points convincingly but as we all know, things can change in the blink of an eye. The wave is a left, rampy reef break which I'm sure will suit a few of the left specialist like Jeff, Dallas Singer, Tamega and of course the pride of Reunion himself, current World Champion Amaury Lavernhe. Both Jerry and your boety, Mr McCarthy, are still within shot of the world title, hungrier than ever, and we all know the damage they can do on their lefts. Things are not only heating up within the main event but in the trials too, as the GQS are only taking their top 8 to be a part of the exclusive Top 24 of the GSS for 2012. And points are coming right down to the wire.

Follow all the LIVE action here:

Besides the distraction of this unbelievable event, my eyes have the pleasure of seeing beautiful natural wonders such as massive forests, an active volcano and local culture, infecting every part of your rhythmic being. I will be indulging myself in some of these sweet attractions, bringing you not only action from the top 24 bodyboarders at a skate park of a wave, but showing you the amazing life away from the waves that Reunion Island has to offer.

Enjoy the pictures I have sourced just to whet your imaginative palate. And as the title suggests, this will be the 1st of many updates to come. I am the Pied Piper, the sound of melodic flutes fill the air, come join me on my journey and experience this amazing place.



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