Nissan Reunion Pro Day 1 - Trials completed

posted by Simon Heale on 30th September 2011

It was a long day all in all with a lot of heats going down. There were a few clear standouts even from the Round 1, those being Sam Bennett, Matt Meyer, Sergio Alonzo, Alex Uranga, Jeff Desnoes and Emmanuel Caro.

The top 9 riders from the trials would advance through to the main event so the stakes were high. as the swell started to push sets were rolling in thick and fast with a couple of big 6ft-ers making sure the riders still knew who was boss, although the way they were riding wouldn't suggest any thoughts like that.

People were flying high and doing massive inverts over an almost dry, sea urchin filled, end section of reef. Those who landed them got rewarded for their bravery.

The day progress on to the finals which consisted of Jeff Desnoes (FR), Sergio Alonso (VZL) Emmanuel Caro (Reunion) and Alex Uranga (Spain) placing 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st respectively.

Local rider Emmanuel impressed the crowd with some big inverts and competitive riding, while Alex Uranga won the trial even with a very out of order shoulder.

Excellent riding from everyone putting on an impressive show for the home crowd. Now onto the main event, stay tuned!



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