Neptune Turns Up the Heat in Time for Cave Rock Gladiator Pit


posted by Olivia Jones on 26th April 2006

Cave Rock Gladiator Pit presented by Movement Bodyboarding Magazine and 662mob
Speciality South African Bodyboarding Association (SABA) Tour Event
Cave Rock on the Bluff, Kwa Zulu Natal - South Africa
April 19 to 26, 2006

The waves are over 2-metres in size and perfect on the final day of the waiting period for the Cave Rock Gladiator Pit bodyboarding event on the Bluff in Durban. The contest is underway at Cave Rock reef break with the first heat taking to the water at 06h30 on Wednesday (April 26). Wave forecaster Spike (Wavescape) once again made a perfect call and Neptune has turned up the heat with some big barrels breaking on shallow rocks. The scene has been set for a showdown of epic proportions which will be finished before 4.00pm.

Open to only 32 of the most competent bodyboarders including international stars, the event carries the biggest prize purse out of any South African Bodyboarding Association (SABA) event – a whopping R20, 000. In addition to the prize money there are exquisitely crafted samurai swords for the top three riders.

A wildcard slot has been allocated to 17 year old Jake Rosenberg (Bluff), who has risen through the development ranks to recently place first in the U20 division of a KZN bodyboarding event held at Umhlanga. Rosenberg has spent a fair amount of time at Cave Rock and will be looking to cause some upsets.

Lone female entrant and former women’s world champion Karla Costa-Taylor (Pietermaritzburg) will bring a feminine touch and has got what it takes to ruffle a few feathers in the large surf; she features in the first heat of the day.

Other names to watch include seven times SA Bodyboarding Champion Alistair Taylor (Pietermaritzburg) as well as national bodyboarding team members Wesley Fischer (Berea) and Sacha Specker (Cape Town).

The Cave Rock Gladiator Pit will utilise the “Shark Island” event format based on the big wave bodyboarding event held at the infamous break south of Sydney. Each heat will consist of five or six riders over a 40 or 45 minute period. Each competitor will surf two rounds, with the top two waves from each heat being scored to give a four wave total tally, which will determine the final placings. Due to the fact that there are no eliminations the competitors are not only surfing against the riders in their heat, but against the entire field each time they enter the water.

For more information please call Alistair Taylor on 082 863 6665.

Following the Cave Rock Gladiator Pit the next event on the SABA calendar is the 5A rated Wimpy Rossi Pro-Am in Margate from April 28 to 30.

Cave Rock Gladiator Pit Contestant Profiles:

1. Alistair Taylor - 7 times SA champ, 4 times finalist at Pipeline in Hawaii, 4th in the world in 1998, 1st in sixty40 peer poll in Best Big Wave Rider category
2. Karla Taylor- 2 times women's world champ and current SA women's champ, and the only girl in the event
3. Eddie Solomon - big wave maniac from California, USA
4. Spencer Skipper- one of the best bodyboarders in the world and excellent performer in large, heavy surf, thanks to his upbringing in Hawaii, USA
5. Ross McBride- top international bodyboarder from California
6. Wayne du Preez - one of the top rated SABA men's division competitors and regular at the Bluff
7. Vaughn Harris - multiple SABA and current Pro Champion from Southern Cape
8. Rylin Richardson - underground big wave charger from the north coast of KZN
9. Adam Morley - freak talent from Mossel Bay, a big wave area in its own right
10. Ian Kruger- Cape Town, loves big heavy waves, has done well at pipe in Hawaii
11. Heavy Dave – Cape Town, underground big surf fanatic
12. Wesley Fischer – from Durban, one of the best bodyboarders in SA, recently selected for SA Bodyboarding Team to compete at ISA World Games and winner of the last SABA event in Cape Town
13. Mark Watts - newcomer to the pro ranks from KZN, has been one of the best junior riders in the country the last few years
14. Philip Rodrigues – Durban based, multiple SA champion and also top competitor on the world tour in previous years, has won a couple of international events
15. Hankus Loubscher - world traveller and big wave aficionado from Cape Town
16. Ian Metcalf - currently living in California, USA originally from Cape Town and also a very competent big wave surfer
17. Darren Halse - currently living in the UK, one of SA's top bodyboarders in years past, from Amanzimtoti
18. Rob Gray - underground big wave rider from north beach and regular when cave rock is happening
19. Karl Liebenberg - old school North Beach local and one of the best men's competitors on SABA
20. Jared Houston - one of the best junior riders in SA and quite capable of taking out the established pros
21. Jonathan Oliff - big wave addict from north beach Durban
22. Inacio Serrao – Warner Beach bodyboarder who has made numerous finals and semi-finals over the past three years in the boys, junior and drop knee divisions
23. Sacha Specker - one of the best pro riders in SA, recently qualified for the SA Bodyboarding Team to compete in the ISA Games in the US later this year- hails from Camps Bay, CT
24. Sean Oberholzer - Doctor from Cape Town, underground big wave guy
25. Jason Devanaugh - emerging talent from the junior division from North Beach in Durban
26. Matthew Botha – 17 year old Mossel Bay bodyboarder
27. Derek Footit - top pro bodyboarder from the south coast of KZN, not afraid of big barrelling right hand waves like Cave Rock
28. and 29. Twins Wayne and Neil Smith - top pro bodyboarder from the south coast of KZN
30. Wayne Beekman – from Margate, SABA men's division champ and competent big wave rider
31. Stuart Bradford - one of the best drop knee riders and north beach local
32. Doug Lindsay (Durban North), an old-school bodyboarder from the previous generation of top competitors; thrives in big, heavy surf conditions.
33. Wildcard - 17 year old Jake Rosenberg (Bluff), a young north beach local who recently placed first in the U20 division of the KZN bodyboarding event held at Umhlanga.


Heat 1:

Jonathan Oliff
Dave Collicott
Sean Oberholzer
Doug Lindsay
Rylin Richardson
Karla Taylor

Heat 2:

Stephan Coetzee
Wayne Beekman
Ian Kruger
Wesley Fischer
Wayne du Preez
Neil Smith

Heat 3:

Michael Ostler
Wesley Tucker
Inacio Serrao
Mark Watts
Derek Footit
Al Taylor

Heat 4:

Matthew Wainwright
Darren Halse
Philip Rodrigues
David Lee
Adam Morley
Stuart Bradford

Heat 5:

Wayne Smith
Matthew Botha
Jared Houston
Sascha Specker
Jake Rosenberg
Jason Duvenage

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