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posted by Alistair Taylor on 13th March 2006

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With 6 weeks to go to the commencement of the waiting period for the inaugural Cave Rock Gladiator Pit, things are heating up, both in and out of the water. The east coast has just been hit by the first real winterly cold front of the season, bringing with it a fairly healthy swell, a nice sign of things to come.

Out of the water, the contest has been blessed with the backing of Movement Bodyboarding Magazine.The dominant publication founded two years ago in Australia by current world champion Ben Player is now being published in the US as an American version by top professionals Jeff Hubbard and Eddie Solomon.The illustrious magazine which has been taking the bodyboarding world by storm with its exceptional editorial and photographic content is being landed on SA shores this April by Jason Boddy, a well-known figure in the bodyboarding industry and particularly in SA. Jason was amped to tie-in with a contest that represents what bodyboarding is all about and is putting in a cool R10000 towards the prize pool....which means we're now looking at having approximately R20000 in prize money total.

Also showing their support of body boarding is the 662MOB brand, who will be doing the contest t-shirts and heat jerseys. 662MOB is one of the premier body boarding brands from the good ol USA.

Added to all this good stuff is the news that Eddie Solomon (USA), Spencer Skipper (USA Hawaii) and possibly Ross McBride (USA) will be making an appearance and competing at cave rock, giving the domestic crew a run for their money.

All in all it's stacking up to be a really exciting event. Watch sixty40 for future updates. Entries are filling up fast, so anyone still wishing to enter and face off against some of the best riders and heaviest waves (hopefully in the 10ft category) in the country had best enter now.

Contact Alistair Taylor for entries/queries etc.
082 863 6665
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byron777Byron Versfeld
15th March 2006 14:09
Thats going to be an amazing event,well done AT
danusDane Forman
15th March 2006 07:59
ALL TIME!!!! let the cameras roll gentlemen!!!
jbsJared Schafer
13th March 2006 20:54
this is going to be un-beeeeeee-lievable!!!!

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