Cave Rock Heats Drawn


posted by Alistair Taylor on 18th April 2006

Stage one of the contest is complete, the pre-contest function has been held and competitors briefed on the rundown of the event. Swell forecast is looking quite promising but not definite for the first day of the window (Wednesday 19th). The call will be made on whether or not to run by 6:30am.

Contestants decided to adopt the shark island challenge format, so each heat will be either 5 or 6 man, 40 and 45 minutes long respectively, each competitor will surf 2 rounds, with the top 2 waves from each heat being scored to give a 4 wave total, which will determine final placings. Because there is no elimination, in effect, you are not really surfing against just the guys in your heat, but against everyone. And since the heats are so long, it hopefully will make competitors feel more like they are in a free-surfing environment, rather than purely competition, which in turn will hopefully push the envelope of high performance riding.

Heats are as follows, and with the exception of heat 1, may be modified slightly due to some competitors that may or may not be able to make it if the contest is held on day 1.

Heat 1.

Jonathan Oliff
Dave Collicott
Sean Oberholzer
Doug Lindsay
Rylin Richardson
Karla Taylor

Heat 2.

Stephan Coetzee
Ian Kruger
Wesley Fischer
Wayne du Preez
Neil Smith

Heat 3.

Michael Ostler
Wesley Tucker
Inacio Serrao
Mark Watts
Derek Footit

Heat 4

Matthew Wainwright
Darren Halse
Philip Rodrigues
Eddie Solomon
Adam Morley

Heat 5

Wayne Smith
Matthew Botha
Jared Houston
Sasha Specker
Stuart Bradford

Heat 6

Jake Rosenberg
Jason Duvenage
David Lee
Alistair Taylor
Spencer Skipper

Updates will be posted after each day of the waiting period, and as soon as the event concludes. Besides the prize money, there are also the cool and unique trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd up for grabs- a set of Samurai swords, fit for a true gladiator.



BillybusterBilly Tennant
18th April 2006 23:08
This contest is gonna be SICK!!!!!!! well done guys-peace

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