Cave Rock Gladiator Pit Video Diaries

posted by Jared Schafer on 24th April 2006

Day 1

Day 5



Peter LambertPeter Lambert
25th April 2006 12:22
Sick bit of filming and riding on the second video diary.... nice to see the boys getting some bombs!
SmTSean Tickner
21st April 2006 21:45
First day would've been sick for any other contest, but this isn't an ordinary contest, holding thumbs for Wednesday!
Thanks Peter for hooking up with Neptune, just make sure there's swell for Margate as well!
Good work Jared, the guys were definitely busting, can't wait to see the rest of the footage and hope to see more after Wed!
TiaanKTiaan Kriegler
21st April 2006 13:56
the swell next week thursday looks like its gonna be awesome, and its south so it should hit the east coast very well.........I like spike report 8)
Peter LambertPeter Lambert
21st April 2006 11:13
Hey Sir Jarred, that's what I thought, glad to hear that you did get some good foottie... You will be interested to hear that I had a long talk with Neptune, and he has assured me that he will wait for me and my camera to arrive in Durban on Wednesday, before then unleashing the cave rock bombs... Can't WAIT!!! As far as the acidity of my piss goes, all I can say is "oh shit!"
jbsJared Schafer
20th April 2006 22:03
stay tuned for more info...
TiaanKTiaan Kriegler
20th April 2006 20:16
but wasnt today like the only day with swell? Until next week sometime? Cept for some poefter little weak ass [3.5m 9s] swell friday.................
jbsJared Schafer
20th April 2006 15:12
Hey Mr Lambert Phd...1.) Some sick riding went down, eg.spex got a wave that made Backdoor look like a pampers ad...he made it and it blew out...big.But gotta keep the goodies for future use. 2.) Hopefully it will run tues/wed,more updates to come. 3.) You're only too cynical when your urine becomes acidic and burns...or so I've been told
Peter LambertPeter Lambert
20th April 2006 13:42
two questions: 1. did anyone actually make any waves on the first day of the holding period? (see DR J Shaf's vid) 2. when is the contest most likely to run, with only toilet like flatness predicted until at least Wednesday next week? 3. am I just way too cynical today?!

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