SA Champs: Day 3 and the hosts take the lead with a day to go

posted by Kelly Footit on 1st October 2003

Fresh South Westerly winds greeted contestants on the third day of the champs producing some favourable conditions. However, no such luck with the swell and the day was contested in 2 foot waves which, from the swell charts, might probably be the biggest it gets for the contest - let's hope they're wrong or we'll be crowning the small wave Kings and Queens as this year's champs. When there is size and it's firing, North Beach can be one of the best beach breaks in the world, but when it's small, it's not only small but also powerless. Having said that, a SA Champ should be proficient in all conditions, these being no exception and hopefully we'll see that guy/girl win this year's event.

Round 2 of the event started late yesterday afternoon, which is where Central Kwa-Zulu Natal launched their assault on this year's title, finishing less than a percent behind Southern Kwa-Zulu Natal at the end of the day. This morning Southern Natal started well with wins from all three of their Boys division riders, however, they did not manage to dominate as they had done in the previous two days and after Rylin Richardson had won the last heat of the day for Central Natal, the hosts moved into the lead by 5%. Western Province put in some good results but are still adrift of first and second leaders.

Below are the winners from Day 3:


Heat 1: Joshua Kleve (WP)
Heat 2: Kyle Bonthuys (EP)
Heat 3: Jared Enslin (SN)
Heat 4: Michael Osler (CN)
Heat 5: Inacia Serrao (SN)
Heat 6: Emile van Vollenhoven (SN)
Heat 7: David Minne (EP)


Heat 8: Sacha Specker (WP)
Heat 9: Rheinhard du Toit (NN)
Heat 10: Sasha Taljaard (CN)
Heat 11: Vaughn Harris (SC)
Heat 12: Simon Hagen (WP)
Heat 13: Steven Keuning (SN)
Heat 14: Nic Morkel (Bol)


Heat 15: Kevin Williams (SN)
Heat 16: Brad Keets (CN)


Heat 17: Wesley Potts (WP)
Heat 18: Neil Smith (SN)
Heat 19: Justin Lindsay (EP)
Heat 20: Daniel Worsley (WP)
Heat 21: Michael Cooper (NN)
Heat 22: Grant Lee (SN)
Heat 23: Michael Tarr (CN)
Heat 24: Wesley Fischer (CN)
Heat 25: Mark Watts (CN)
Heat 26: Rylin Richardson (CN)

Tomorrow we see the last 12 heats of the team events and Southern Natal will need to work extremely hard, if they want to defend their title. The Pro division hits the water for their second round, which is where Central Natal are strongest and a betting man would lay his money down on the hosts, but whatever the outcome it's looking like it is going to be close.

After that we see the start of the individual event. By now a majority of the riders know whether or not they have made it through and will be looking ahead to the Quarter Finals where the competition gets a whole lot tougher. No more easy heats and if you slip up - "spot you next year, bru".



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