SA Champs: Day 2, same stage, different players but SKZN still ahead

posted by Kelly Footit on 30th September 2003

Any hopes for improved conditions were blown away by a persistent onshore wind, which has plagued the first 2 days of the event. Juniors and Pro riders took to the water for their first rounds of the Champs with the Juniors getting the best of the early morning conditions before the onset of the wind.

Central Kwa-Zulu Natal put in an improved performance today to narrow the gap on the leaders Southern Kwa-Zulu Natal. The reigning champs once again racked up a number of wins and credible 2nd or 3rd place scores. To me, as an ex-Southern Natal rider, the notable difference is definitely the performances from the lower seeds in the team, who are either winning their heats or posting decent scores. In past years, the lower seeds have been the demise of the team and the improved standard is what has brought them last years title and the lead, which they hold after round 1.

Western Province do not seem to have come to terms with the small conditions, which is reflected in their low third place score. We are only half way through the team event and along with hoping for better conditions, they will be expecting improved performances from their riders in Round 2.

Team positions after Round 1 are as follows:

1st: Southern Kwa-Zulu Natal 276
2nd: Central Kwa-Zulu Natal
3rd: Western Province 230
4th: Northern Kwa-Zulu Natal 222
5th: Boland 207
6th: Southern Cape 189
7th: Eastern Province 183
8th: Border 58

Heat winners from Day 2 are as follows:


Heat 1: Daniel Worsley (WP)
Heat 2: Grant Lee (SN)
Heat 3: Neil Smith (SN)
Heat 4: Justin Lindsay (EP)
Heat 5: Francois de Kock (SC)
Heat 6: Michael Wolhuter (NN)
Heat 7: Michael Tarr (CN)
Heat 8: Michael Cooper (NN)
Heat 9: Rylin Richardson (CN)
Heat 10: David Lee (SN)


Heat 11: Steve Benson (CN)
Heat 12: Hankus Loubser (WP)
Heat 13: Derek Footit (SN)
Heat 14: Mark McCarthy (NN)
Heat 15: Vaughn Harris (SC)
Heat 16: Doug Lindsay (CN)
Heat 17: Steven Keuning (SN)
Heat 18: Stuart Bradford (CN)
Heat 19: Darren Halse (SN)

Boys U12

Heat 20: Jonathan Mellish (WP)
Heat 21: Andries Starke (WP)

Girls U16

Heat 22: Kara Wickens (SN)


Heat 23: Hal Snyman (EP)
Heat 24: Mark Lightly (CN)
Heat 25: Michel Brink (Bol)
Heat 26: Ryan Pape (CN)

Out the water, initiation for new team members has once again been taking place. Initiation has unofficially become tradition of the Champs, and so far this year it seems that the Western Province groms have come off worst. Along with sporting some vicious new haircuts, they pitched up to the beach this morning in diapers and sucking dummies … check out the photos.

As for Day 3, here’s hoping for a rise in the swell.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Champs.



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