Blow Out Bodyboarders excel at SA Championships

posted by Derek Footit on 13th October 2003

Blow Out Bodyboarding Club has been very influential in the development of the sport and has been the stepping stone for bodyboarders trying out for the Southern Kwa-Zulu Natal Provincial Team to compete at the South African Championships.

Since the inception of Blow Out Bodyboarding Club, there have been a number of talented riders from the club who have made their mark in the South African Bodyboarding Championships, not only in placings in the respective divisions, but also taking titles.

In the past years Blow Out Bodyboarding members have made up the bulk of the SKZN Bodyboarding Team and this year was no different, with 18 out of the 22 SKZN Bodyboarding Team riders being from BOBC. From that you can see why at this year's 2003 SA Championships, 8 of the top titles went to our club members.

SA Champions
Mens Division:Wayne Beekman
Juniors Division:Grant Lee
Boys Division:Jaryd Enslin
SABA Circuit Champions
Mens Division:Wayne Beekman
Juniors Division:David Lee
Womens Division:Inge Pieters
Boys Division:Emile van Vollenhoven
Boys U12 Division:Terrence Pieters

There must be an extra congratulations to the 2 riders which excelled through out the SA Championships in their respective divisions. From their first heats to the dying seconds of their finals, they were stand outs in the contest and if there had been a prize for the best or the most consistant rider throughout the contest, it would have been hard to have chosen between them, not to mention the fact that one of the riders was riding in his very first SA Championship:

"Well done the new Boys SA Champion Jaryd Enslin and the new Junior SA Champion Grant Lee"



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