Southern Natal aiming to retain the Fishman Trophy

posted by Kelly Footit on 22nd September 2003

Southern Kwa-Zulu Natal has, for the most part, always been fighting it out for one of the top three spots, however, last year for the first time in the history of the Champs, they claimed the Fishman Trophy along with a hoard of individual titles. Quite an achievement since Central Kwa-Zulu Natal and Western Province have always been regarded as the two dominant provinces. So I caught up with their Chairman, Wayne Beekman, for a bit of reflection on last year's event and his views on their prospects for this year's SA Champs at North Beach, Durban which runs from 28th September - 3rd October 2003.

Being one of the smaller provinces, how did SKZN pull off the win last year?

Beek: Well we have always been pretty competitive as a province. We have believe it or not missed winning before by a tiny margin and always manage to end up in the top few positions. But last year we came together as a team, we started a training program for the first time and the team spirit was great. It was a combination of factors I guess! 

Of course the development side can never be underestimated and that's were our local club is undoubtedly one of the cornerstones of bodyboarding on the south coast. Blowout has always been there to develop and provide a learning ground for the riders. 

What do you reckon are your chances/predictions for this year?

Beek: Well I feel we are pretty strong and have a good chance at defending our title. All the guys are amped and have been putting in some good effort at training this year, hopefully it pays off, but you never know its really up to the conditions for the event. Beating Central Natal on their home ground will be difficult but not impossible. I feel it will be between SKZNBA, CKZNBA and WPBA.

Who's ripping in the SN team this year?

Beek: There are quite a few guys out there that have been busting out, but letting everyone know who our secret weapons are would be giving away a bit too much now wouldn't it? 

So you've moved into the Ballie's Division this year, reckon you're going to take the title?

Beek: What type of a question is that? I think I should be asking the original ballie when you intend on coming out of retirement and start competing again? But to answer your question, I feel I can do it. 

Your views on bodyboarding in the next few years?

Beek: I think its starting to look really promising, we have a new mag coming out by the end of the year and there seem to be more guys in the water again. More contests with bigger prize money, its all looking real good! To take it to the next level though I feel we need to have a lot more bodyboarding companies around, we need to individualise ourselves from the other water sports. Guys like Dibs and Rossi are all for the sport and we need more of them! That's the future!!!



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