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Dates:16th - 26th February 2010
Venue:Oahu, Hawaii Pipeline
Organisation:International Bodyboarding Association
Classification:Mens World Tour
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Amaury is the Turbo Pipe Pro Champ; Jerry gets 3rd
27th February 2010 04:33
1 Amaury Laverhe REU 17.50
2 Diego Cabrera CNY 14.65
3 Jared Houston SAF 14.20
4 Damian King AUS 10.75

From the first horn it has been the Amaury Laverhne show - he's been on fire in the lead up and he's won the title in style --- going big and without doubt the best rider in the contest. Saving some of his best for last, he carded a perfect 10 points with a Pipe tube which he exited with a big backflip.

King was out of sorts while Diego was surfing consistently. Jerry started late - launching a huge invert at backdoor, landing in the flats and not quite making it and carded a 6.2 for the efforts. He followed it up with a deep Pipe tube ride for 8.0.

He's been dubbed the new kid in town and he lived up to the hype today. Well done Jerry! Proud of you.

The prize purse is split as follows 1st - $5000, 2nd - $3100, 3rd - $2000, 4th - $1500

Jared Houston makes the Final
27th February 2010 03:49
Support Jerry live at www.fluidzone.com/pipe
Semi Final #1
27th February 2010 03:48
1 Amaury Lavernhe REU 14.00
2 Diego Cabrera CNY 12.00
3 Pierre Luis Costa FRA 11.10
4 Ben Player AUS 9.33
Semi Final #1
27th February 2010 03:43
1 Damian King AUS 16.50
2 Jared Houston SAF 15.40
3 Guilherme Tamega BRZ 14.50
4 Brad Hughes AUS 4.84
Qtr #4
27th February 2010 02:46
1 Amaury Lavernhe REU 16.16
2 Pierre Luis Costa FRA 11.33
3 Dave Hubbard HAW 5.17
4 Paulo Barcellos BRZ 3.4


StJohnLombard_BodyboarderStJohn Lombard
27th February 2010 06:33
Sick jerry! 2000 dollars, wow man 14000 rand, thats alot of cash for simply doing what you love best!
26th February 2010 21:01
sick one Jerry! scored some bombs man!
25th February 2010 00:24
Unofficial DK results - Spex, Bud and Feast in the final!
rudiRudi Geyser
22nd February 2010 21:44
how insane is this webcast!
replays, two camera angles and manny vargas on comentary
ElementreeGareth White
20th February 2010 02:36
Well done to Alistair Taylor who pretty much owned his heat!
ElementreeGareth White
20th February 2010 02:05
Event is on. Al Taylor paddles out in less than 10 mins...GO AL!
KellyKelly Footit
17th February 2010 16:13
The contest was on hold yesterday (day 1 of the contest window).

IBA: "Day one has been called a lay day, whilst the waves at Pipeline were good this morning, organisers have 10 days to run the 3 day competition and are confident that there are some epic swells on the way. The forecast for today is that winds will also swing onshore mid morning.

The waiting period to the 2010 TURBO Bodyboards Pipeline Pro is Tuesday the 16th of February to the 26th, check out http://www.fluidzone.com.au/pipe/ for the live webcast and results."
KellyKelly Footit
15th February 2010 22:26
The heats have been drawn and I've uploaded - check the link above.

Good luck guys!
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