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Dates:4th - 7th September 2008
Venue:Ferrol, Spain Doninos
Organisation:International Bodyboarding Association
Classification:DK World Tour, Mens World Tour
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ElementreeGareth White
6th September 2008 19:05
Well done Mark - lank stoked for you - congrats!
KellyKelly Footit
6th September 2008 18:41
OK that was awesome ... just watching McCarthy getting carried up the beach ... Mark just won his first World Tour event ... and is now getting swamped by the media.

Mark started off with a decent score of 6.25 but for most of the heat he ended up sitting in fourth for a lot of the heat ... the man has the big move in the bag and he pulled out an 8.75 to claim the lead with 5 minutes to go leaving the rest of the competitors each needing more than 7 points to wrestle the lead from him.

Well done bru --- stay tuned for more and go check out the webcast for the prize giving if you're on now.
KellyKelly Footit
6th September 2008 17:47
Mark's semi-final was pretty mad to say the least! He led for the first 10 mins with a 6 point but that score was never going to be one of his scoring waves at this level - the next 20 minutes of the the heat the lead must have changed a dozen times and Mark ended up in 4th with the clock counting down. He bettered his best wave with a 6.90 but with 3 minutes left he pulled out the back-flip to claim the highest wave score of the heat - an 8.35 ... which he claimed! lol ... I think the guy is fired up --- good luck bru!!!

Follow the final live on the webcast. Should be at 18:00 (SAST).
GordnotDougGordon Cockwell
6th September 2008 17:34
Mark just won semi final and Ben Player placed 2nd, another final for the ZULULAND WARRIOR.....go all the way boet...Watching from Kansas City USA right this ..
GordnotDougGordon Cockwell
6th September 2008 17:31
GordnotDougGordon Cockwell
6th September 2008 17:30
Yea Mark killing it..

KellyKelly Footit
6th September 2008 16:41
Semi 1 in the water now - McCarthy's semi will be in at about 16:40 (SAST)
KellyKelly Footit
6th September 2008 14:14
Well done to Halse who got 2nd in the DK Final:

1st David Hubbard
2nd Darren Halse
3rd Kako Garcia
4th Diogo Pimenta

McCarthy won his Quarter Final heat against Tamega - both go through to the tougher of the two semi-final heats.

Semi 1
Uri Valadao
Rene Xavier
David Perez
Aritz Larrinaga

Semi 2
Ben Player
Manuel Centeno
Mark McCarthy
Guilherme Tamega
KellyKelly Footit
6th September 2008 02:05
Mark McCarthy won his Round 4 heat with Mike Stewart coming 2nd. He rides today at 12pm against Tamega.

Follow his heat live on the webcast.
KellyKelly Footit
5th September 2008 13:11
Darren Halse has won all his heats in the DK division and competes in the Final on Saturday - this is a DK World Tour event. Follow it live on the webcast. Overnight a massive storm hit and the event is moved from Doninos to Ponzos Beach.
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