Doninos Pro day 2


posted by Terry McKenna on 4th September 2008

Day two at Ferrol and the surf dropped overnight so the first event on the IBA DK Tour proudly sponsored by Deeply was contested and all agreed it was great success.

The final will be decided on Saturday with the following riders.

Darren Halse (England)
Dave Hubbard (Hawaii)
Diogo Pimenta (Portugal)
Kako Garcia (Spain)

Round three of the Men's is on standby with a fresh swell expected to hit overnight.



Kevin WilliamsKevin Williams
6th September 2008 10:13
He might be England now, But his roots are still in SA.
Spy DudePierre Marqua
6th September 2008 09:39
What.. the british flag? Go clyde Rathbone!
Kevin WilliamsKevin Williams
6th September 2008 08:28
Go Darren. Keep the flag up high.

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