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2012 Bodyboarding Readers' Poll

Final Results

Jarrod Thomas
#1South Africa Jarrod Thomas102 pts
Daniel Feurie
#2South Africa Daniel Feurie68 pts
Sebastian Koopmans
#3South Africa Sebastian Koopmans44 pts
Tristan Roberts
#4South Africa Tristan Roberts36 pts
Tyler Vorster
#5South Africa Tyler Vorster34 pts
Aeden O'Brien
#6South Africa Aeden O'Brien30 pts
Adam Waites
#6South Africa Adam Waites30 pts
Stephen du Preez
#8South Africa Stephen du Preez28 pts
Daniel Fleurie
#9South Africa Daniel Fleurie24 pts
Ethan Koopmans
#9South Africa Ethan Koopmans24 pts
Trent Johnson
#11South Africa Trent Johnson22 pts
Ethan Nel
#12South Africa Ethan Nel12 pts
Tim L Bowman
#13South Africa Tim L Bowman10 pts
Niklas Martin
#13South Africa Niklas Martin10 pts
Aiden Wilson
#15South Africa Aiden Wilson8 pts
Jason Fowler
#15South Africa Jason Fowler8 pts
Joshua Pascoe
#15South Africa Joshua Pascoe8 pts
Ian Viljoen
#15South Africa Ian Viljoen8 pts
Ryan Collins
#19South Africa Ryan Collins6 pts
James Adams
#19South Africa James Adams6 pts
Jarret Johnson
#21South Africa Jarret Johnson4 pts
Roger Pardoe
#21South Africa Roger Pardoe4 pts
Wilder Schultz
#21South Africa Wilder Schultz4 pts
Tim Johnson
#24South Africa Tim Johnson2 pts
Luke Kitchin
#24South Africa Luke Kitchin2 pts
Eugene Prenzler
#24South Africa Eugene Prenzler2 pts
Darren Beitz
#24South Africa Darren Beitz2 pts
Matt Holzman
#24Hawaii Matt Holzman2 pts




The Poll runs each year from 1 Jan to 31 Dec
Amendments are allowed during this period
You need to be a registered user to vote
You are allowed 5 votes per category
Points are weighted based on the number of votes cast:
1 vote2 pts
2 votes4 pts2 pts
3 votes6 pts4 pts2 pts
4 votes8 pts6 pts4 pts2 pts
5 votes10 pts8 pts6 pts4 pts2 pts
You may vote for yourself
Final points will be revealed after voting has closed

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