Simon Beesley


Riding Since:2003 (18 Years)
Hometown:ZA Cape Town, Western Province, South Africa
Local Surfspots:ZA Cape Point Reserve, ZA Llandudno, ZA Sandy Bay, YE Shebas's Wedge
Riding Style:95% Prone, 5% Standup
Boards:ATD - Speed Merchant, Science - MS1
About me:we're going streaking!

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Favourite Surfspots:ZA Cape Point Reserve, ZA Sparkplugs, ZA Llandudno, ZA Sandy Bay, ZA Kalk Bay
Favourite Bodyboarders:JP Tomoko Wada, ZA Jonathan Colledge, ZA Dre Giovannini, ZA Billy Miller
Favourite Videos:ABC A Blank Canvas (2005), Cheap Thrills (2005), No Friends - 1-6, No Friends 8 - Roadhouse (2005), starsky and hutch, The Next Chapter (2004)
Favourite Bands:Rise Against
Other Interests:Beach Walks, Cricket, nail biting, Poetry, sandwiches, Tanning, waching bold


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BE BelgiumCA CanadaFR France
HK Hong KongID IndonesiaIE Ireland
IT ItalyLS LesothoMY Malaysia
MR MauritaniaMZ MozambiqueNA Namibia
NL NetherlandsPT PortugalSC Seychelles
CH SwitzerlandTZ TanzaniaUK United Kingdom
US United StatesZW Zimbabwe 


Simon Beesley

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