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Province:Western Province
Country:ZA   South Africa
Classification:Reef Break
Predominant Wave:Left Handers
Swell Range:3-5 ft



Spy DudePierre Marqua
21st August 2008 13:09
u do know big bay is known as gay bay!
Pi bodyboardsDeon Meyer
20th August 2008 19:12
big bay locals are bad ass beware of the dolphin beach crew..scary people
Spy DudePierre Marqua
20th August 2008 08:36
Cam is a fly boy who is scared of parrots
peterbeePeter Brandt
19th August 2008 18:29
Who is: Cam?
CamCameron Price
19th August 2008 18:12
Who is:Peter Brandt, Anton Dodds, Peter Lambert, Byron Loubser, Ian Thurtell, Sacha Wharton

27th August 2007 19:45
i surfed there it is shit heavy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
john O'Sullivan Dwaalajohn O'Sullivan Dwaala
11th January 2007 15:15
Hey its a miff spot on the other side of the world that cost's a hell of a lot of cash to get to so I am positive it will remain uncrowded, ja it is miff very miff miff mmiiiiifffffffffffff.......
Spy DudePierre Marqua
11th January 2007 14:16
You wankers... this was a secret spot for years and years.
What next.. directions to um... Razorblades? Listed locals...shaaaa, nice for putting this up guys, now every little kook wants to go. I have surfed here longer than all of you and i dont list it as a local.. nice guys. Thank god for the west coast and its secrets... oh wait thats out of the bag too..

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