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Kalk Bay

Kalk BayKalk BayKalk BayKalk BayKalk Bay


Town:Kalk Bay
Province:Western Province
Country:ZA   South Africa
Classification:Reef Break
Predominant Wave:Left Handers
Favourable Winds:South West
Swell Range:1-8 ft



Date Contest Organisation
10th Aug - 26th Sep 2008  The Nomad Kalk Bay Shoot Out WPBA
13th Aug - 14th Sep 2007  Kalk Bay Shootout 2007 WPBA
8th Sep - 31st Oct 2006  Kalk Bay Shoot-Out WPBA


Ross NortierRoss Nortier
19th August 2011 16:20
stuff i love josh's comments! :)
joshuachigomeJoshua Chigome
6th April 2007 12:28
hello don t come to kalk bay else ill stab you now one time
peterbeePeter Brandt
12th January 2007 11:37
Shot Pierre - yeah, guess I am, and I won't deny that's pretty cool... but I just reckoned SOMEone had to play the devil's advocate on this thing... how many times have you been in the water and heard someone bitching about non-locals, but they've only been surfing the spot for a season themselves - they've gotta be picking up that bad attitude from somewhere... And what about those guys who come out on one or two big swells a year and then tell you how they were surfing the reef when they were still in their prams and so they're so local no-one else exists - but really who are they, they've moved on, live in Joburg or something for all we know? I may as well add, I'm talking about some of the stand-ups now!
Spy DudePierre Marqua
12th January 2007 11:03
Well put peter.. nail on the head. And Peterbee.. dude you are local at the reef if you like it or not, your years in the water is evident of that.
First time i surfed the reef (back in 1986) i got sent in by the older stand up crew, i was then stuffed inside a surfboardbag by a local shaper and rolled into the water.. thought i was going to drown. I was let out and told to go back to the burg (i went as far as Dangers) and come back when i was a big boy. It was humble pie to eat, but i respected what i was told and those okes who did that to me, respect me today. Learn from that as that kind of grom control doesnt happen anymore.
Peter LambertPeter Lambert
12th January 2007 09:22
Its always hard to find a balance between being accommodating to new guys surfing a spot, and at the same time, still getting waves at your local spot. Kalk bay is one of the most intensely localised spots in south africa, and it is also one of the most crowded and inconsistent... at least when it comes to getting a really good day. On a good day up to 50 guys will be out, and there are only enough set waves for about 8 guys and only average waves for about 12 guys at a push. Not everyone is going to get waves... that's the reality of it. A peak can only supply a finite number of waves. In order to get set waves on a good day the following is required. 1. you need to be able to ride the wave very well 2. you need to have balls. 3. If you paddle for something you need to go, even if its a close out. 4. you need to catch every wave you paddle for. 5. you need to be know by the guys who surf there - i.e you need to ride the place all the time for a period of lets say at least 3 years... most guys have been riding the same spot for 10+ years. 6. you need to get to know the crew, and make friends with them. just being seen out there is not enough. 7 you need to be patient and know that its not always going to go your way. 8. If you paddle for a good wave and are hoping not to be dropped in on, make sure that you are the first to spin around and paddle, further out AND deeper than anyone else paddling, AND that you have been waiting longer than anyone else paddling. 9. make sure that guys know from your previous waves that you are going to Go and not chicken out and waste a wave. This should give you at least a 30% chance of not getting dropped in on. 10. Also worth doing is riding the place heaps on the not so perfect days and getting to know the wave and the crew. Also on low tide the place is ruled by bodyboarders, and on high tide its ruled by standups... it always has, and always will be. New guys should only attempt this wave once they can ride a lot of similar reef breaks really really well, otherwise they shouldn't be out there at all... its a place to ride well, not learn how to ride. this is my uneducated opinion. I have ridden Kalk bay at least 50 times a year for the last 16 years... putting in a total of between about 1000 and 2000 surfs there, and there are at least 10 guys who are more respected/local than I am... so think about that next time you are paddling out. As for sparkies, don't even think about it, or you will get eaten by the bigest great white shark ever, or killed by the locals, or have your tyres let down and your keys stolen... it has happend to me.
peterbeePeter Brandt
11th January 2007 17:34
This whole WHO IS LOCAL debate has always irritated me - perhaps a much more important question is, WHO IS A BIG DICK in the water? Sadly, it's quite often the locals! If they can't show respect to others, who cares how local they are? And what's with some people claiming to be local in the Reserve? Do you sleep in the bushes with the baboons or something?
Spy DudePierre Marqua
11th January 2007 15:37
fififir........pfffffffffffff whatever bru, fill out your profile.... or do you like dissing okes and staying anon. cos it seems you are taking the kbay thing a little personally.. i think you kinda missed my point.
11th January 2007 15:10
Spy, I agree with all most of your comments, but if are gonna be so agro about everything, then maybe keep your comments to yourself next time. we are all bodyboarders here and locals are locals, but no one owns any spot and everyone has every right to surf where the hell they want, when they want. If the locals are not happy with that then thats their problem and they have priorioty, but that is just preventing the sport from getting it where the whole of the South African Bodyboarding community wants it to be. Think about that one...
scroffmeisters g
11th January 2007 14:52
nice rant Spy and I do agree with you to a certain extent. This whole who is a local and who is a wannebe happens all over the place nowadays. I lived in St James back in the days when all spongers were at the bottom of the pecking order, I surf Kalk Bay in the odd occasion and certainly wouldnt pretend to be a local there. Even after surfing Dangers just about everyday for a few years I still wouldnt have considered myself a local there either but for some its an ego trip, let them enjoy their few moments in the limelight, the real locals will still get all the good waves.
Spy DudePierre Marqua
11th January 2007 14:04
on that list i count only 11 riders who are actually locals... the rest are all wanna bes... you cant call yourself a local after one or two seasons on the reef after school..... you either live there, have lived there or you dont.... but then again this is Cape Town and if you are old enough to have a drivers licence and a car then you are local at any spot on the peninsula... RIGHT?, i guess, either way back in the day when the Hoff and KITT were the in thing, children WERE NOT allowed on the reef, period, the local crew sent you in and called your mom.. safty reasons etc etc, there are no more rules at Kbay, just like long beach its a friggin free for all, no respect for the true locals either.
I know who the true locals are and they know me, so i guess i will end my rant there. Peace.
DaneDane Stirrat
11th January 2007 13:22
HAHA! Josh, u lil legend you! Unfortunately sparkplugz is a story for another day! but, i dig your comment about people bringing their little friends and stuff! But, it is true, it just makes us and the old surfers more agro! Peace Josh!
joshuachigomeJoshua Chigome
30th August 2006 18:05
can someone tell me where sparkplugs issss
joshuachigomeJoshua Chigome
10th July 2006 13:02
perfect tube but don t bring your little friends or us locals will be pissed of from joshua chigome
GarthGarth Lappeman
8th October 2003 23:09
Perfect running left hand tube off the kelp. Doesn't work often but fires when it does. Only one peak so it is hard to get waves plus have respect for the locals

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