Josh Sowter


Hometown:ZA Cape Towm, Western Province, South Africa
Local Surfspots:ZA Kalk Bay, ZA Llandudno, ZA Long Beach, ZA Off The Wall, ZA Rocklands, ZA Sandy Bay
Riding Style:98% Prone, 1% Dropknee (Stance: Natural), 1% Standup (Stance: Natural)
Boards:Elemenohpee, Science - MS3

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Favourites & Interests

Favourite Surfspots:ZA Kalk Bay, ZA Off The Wall, ZA Rocklands
Favourite Bodyboarders:AU Ben Player, US Spencer Skipper, ZA Sacha Specker
Favourite Videos:Lines of Fire, No Friends 4, RAW, Tension 1-10, The Inside (1996), The Joker (2004), thrice dvd
Favourite Bands:AFI, Bayside, Blindside, Deftones, Melencolin, Modest Mouse, The Used, Thrice
Other Interests:Beer


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FR FranceIT ItalyKE Kenya
MW MalawiMZ MozambiqueNA Namibia
NL NetherlandsPT PortugalTZ Tanzania
UG UgandaUK United KingdomZW Zimbabwe



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