Nathan Wood


Username:hugh grant
Riding Since:2003 (14 Years)
Hometown:ZA Sedgefield, Southern Cape, South Africa
Local Surfspots:ZA Swartvlei, ZA Gerickes, -undisclosed, ZA Buffalo Bay
Riding Style:99% Prone, 1% Standup (Stance: Natural)
Sponsors:Blair Clothing Co.
Boards:Elemenohpee - McFly 41", Elemenohpee - Skippy Rockstar
About me:I'm basically the most attractive human being ever.. And you love that about me!!

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Favourites & Interests

Favourite Surfspots:ZA Outerpool, ZA Gerickes, ZA Banzai
Favourite Bodyboarders:US Paul Roach, US Ross Mcbride, ZA Brandon Foster
Favourite Videos:Frame of mind, No Friends 4, No Friends 5, Southern Most Hope, The O.C
Favourite Bands:36 Crazy Fists, A F I, A Static Lullaby, Billy Talent, Dry kill logic, Duress, From Autumn to Ashes, Funeral for a Friend, Haste The Day, Incubus, Jimmy Eat World, Killswitch Engage, Lost Prophets, Millencolin, My Chemical Romance, R.E.M., Rancid, Silverstein, Sum 41, Zao
Other Interests:Boozing, Chilling, Getting busted with my chicky.. by my folks!!!, Getting my ASS kicked, Girls, Music, Ripping off Adam, Skateboarding


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ZA South Africa  

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