Juan Du Plessis


Username:juan du plessis
Riding Since:2004 (12 Years)
Hometown:ZA Mosselbaai, Southern Cape, South Africa
Current Location:ZA Mossel Bay, South Africa
Local Surfspots:ZA De Bakke, ZA Diaz Beach, ZA Outerpool, ZA Banzai, ZA SCS
Riding Style:85% Prone, 5% Dropknee (Stance: Goofy), 10% Standup (Stance: Goofy)
Boards:Elemenohpee - Skippy Rockstar, Science - Thomas Robinson, Science Ltd Edition
About me:let it go go big

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Favourite Surfspots:ZA Cave Rock, ZA Fence, ZA Bakke, ZA Outerpool, ZA Banzai
Favourite Bodyboarders:ZA Adam Morley, US David Hubbard, US Jeff Hubbard, ZA Brandon Foster, AU Mitchell Rawlins
Favourite Videos:boogie nation, Cheap Thrills, frime of live, No Friends 1-9, No Friends 7 - Washing Machines, No Friends 8 - The Roadhouse, The project, The Road
Favourite Bands:A king, Bed on Bricks, damain marley, Fokofpoliesiekar, Foto Na Dans, The Postal Service, The Presets
Other Interests:Rugby, under water hockey


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Juan Du Plessis

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