Sacha Specker, Tube/Barrel at Kalk Bay. Peter Lambert Photography

by Kelly on Tuesday, 2 September 2008
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Sacha Specker, Tube/Barrel at Kalk Bay

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Heinrich van RooyenHeinrich van Rooyen
9th September 2008 20:25
all about enjoying it....
6th September 2008 22:34
I rate darren cocks and piet poes should find the door and get out!!
piet poespiet poes
5th September 2008 22:43
darren cock rates this guy looks like a gay monkey...
RashieqRashieq Smith
5th September 2008 14:07
this is an insane pic!!!!
Damian...Damian Wood
4th September 2008 11:59
ridiculous picture peter.....


Rider:South Africa Sacha Specker photos
Surfspot:Western Province, South Africa Kalk Bay photos
Photographer:South Africa Peter Lambert photos
Photo Date: Tuesday, 26 August 2008


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