Sacha Specker is The Last Man Standing

posted on 2nd September 2008

"Wow, what a night! Prize giving was insane! Absolute full-house of bodyboarders! Awesome, wish all parties could be like that!!!" - hard work pays off for contest organiser, Ian Thurtell.

Friday night, 29th August, the Brass Bell in Kalk Bay was to play host to the Nomad Kalk Bay Shoot Out prize giving where the Last Man Standing would be named. But before we go there, we need to rewind to where we left you off on Tuesday, 26th August at Kalk Bay Reef in Cape Town because this is where the action happened in some of the most perfect conditions ever seen for a bodyboarding contest in South Africa.

After the four man-on-man Quarter Finals (check the link for all the action) it was decided to complete the event in a 40 minute 4-man final. The remaining four left standing were:

  • Johnny Maritz - the reigning champ who had been blasting his way through event.
  • Sacha Specker - the man who set a personal goal to win every SABA Pro & DK title this year ... and almost pulled it off, securing both titles in the process.
  • Jared Houston - the 2006 SABA Junior champ who had been clocking some deep, stylish barrel-time during the Shoot Out.
  • Joshua Kleve - another young pretender, Josh had been solid and consistent through-out the Shoot Out.

The Final

It was the reigning champ, Johnny, who started strong with very consistent riding, getting in late and getting good air miles! Josh was up for the challenge and matched Johnny's pace, looking relaxed and smooth! In contrast, Sacha and Jared started slow - but it was a 40 minute final and these were two bodyboarders who know how to win titles.

The running commentary for the rest of the final was fittingly like following a good ol' western bar brawl/shoot out:

Jared picks up a solid set, gets a quick cover-up and ARS's out! Good score.
Sacha is DK'ing nearly every wave and is totally killing it!!! Insane riding!
Johnny is surfing very consistently but not "going at it" like he usually does at Kalk Bay ... choosing to race the barrel to get to the end section to boost off!
Josh is quiet until he pulls into a macker of a set and races an impossible section in the barrel and squeaks out as it closes out! Big score 8.0!
Sacha continues to match the prone skills of the other riders, in the DK stance! Getting an insane set, bottom turning late, setting up with his hands above his head in the barrel and gets spat out!!!
Jared gets another bomb but can't keep up with the crazy pace of the others! Stylish as always though!!!
Johnny gets another good barrel with roll combo.
Josh backs up his first waves high score with a nice ARS off a close out section.
Sacha gets up DK and gets a stupidly deep barrel and floaters (DK) off the end section! Score ... 8.5!!!

Sacha Wins
Josh Kleve 2nd
Johnny Maritz 3rd
Jared Houston 4th

Last Man Standing awardThe Last Man Standing

"I was just having fun in the water and trying not to take it too serious so I was just getting up on the knee and going for it. I had a couple of good waves, but had no idea who had won. I definitely didn't think I had a chance since I was just trying to have fun!" commented a super stoked Spex who reckons it was the best he has ever surfed Kalk Bay Reef.

"The final was super chilled, with all four of us just trading waves. They are all really talented riders and have dished me numerous hidings in the past. I don't get to surf much with Johnny, but when I do it's usually in a contest and he gives me a good run for my money. Josh and Jerry always push me in free surfs and are two of the most naturally talented guys I know," said Spex of his fellow finalists, Jared "Jerry" Houston, Joshua Kleve and Johnny Maritz.

"I would like to thank all the guys who made The Nomad Kalk Bay Shoot Out 2008 possible. Furthermore I would like to thank Nomad, Sport 'n Surf, Viper and Digicape Apple Centre for all their ongoing support. Finally I would like to thank everyone who has helped get my 2009 World Tour Campaign on track, especially my girlfriend Rosy for her understanding and endless moral support," concluded Spex.


Nomad Bodyboards spokesperson, Derek Footit extended his thanks to event organiser, Ian Thurtell, for an excellent contest and committed Nomad Bodyboards as the official sponsor for next year's Shoot Out.

The Nomad Kalk Bay Shoot Out 2008 is proudly brought to you by Nomad Bodyboards in association with Sport Unlimited and the Brass Bell restaurant.



etxeOlivier Etchebers
5th September 2008 17:57
Great comp: sick waves, sick video report. Congrats guys!
kruIan Kruger
3rd September 2008 07:17
Well done guys on an epic comp.
Well run, well covered and neptune delivered.
To all involved, congratulations and I can't wait to see what next year holds.

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