The Reef delivers for the Nomad Kalk Bay Shoot Out finals

posted by Ian Thurtell on 26th August 2008

Nomad Kalk Bay Shoot OutWhen I think back to the finals held today, all I can say is WOW!

Amazing conditions greeted the 8 finalists on the final day of competition, 4-5ft heaving, spitting, low tide Kalk Bay! The Southerly swell was hitting Kalk Bay with knife edge precision with nearly every wave unloading perfectly on the Reef!

Sacha Specker exited the water from his free surf before the contest with blood on his face proving just how dangerous the Reef can be - even for a bodyboarder of his callibre. The blood was a result of a face-plant to the reef and he received a gash below his left eye and another cut on his left cheek meaning a few running repairs were required before his Quarter Final heat.

Quarter Final 1
Johnny Maritz Vs. Peter Lambert

Johnny Maritz hit the water running and quickly made up everyone's mind on the beach that he meant business, scoring consistently and riding the big sets with ease. Peter Lambert, who had his work cut out for him, couldn't find the waves that allowed high scores and saw his hopes of making the final disappear. In defence of his title, Johnny Maritz, advanced into the Finals.

Quarter Final 2
Josh Kleve Vs. JP Nortier

Quarter Final 2 had 2 competitors that were biting at the bit to go all out and win, this was going to be an interesting heat! Josh took the first wave and got a solid barrel that scored high. JP chose to play the waiting game, and Josh picked off another solid set wave and got another barrel with 2 solid rolls. Another high score for Josh. JP's waiting paid off when he stroked into a perfect wave, sat up in the barrel and got blasted out! Scoring a 7.0 which then meant he had the highest single wave score in the heat and just had to back it up with another good wave! Josh responded quickly and got a deep barrel with a solid ARS into the flats ... scoring a 7.5! JP opted to take a smaller inside wave that he also ARS'ed, but this didn't back up his first high score and Josh Kleve advanced into the Finals.

Quarter Final 3
Jared Houston Vs. Rory Lancellas

Local boy versus non-local. Not a very high scoring heat. Jared Houston opened his account with a solid barrel and roll combo. His rolls that got him through round 1 and 2 showed good form again and scores 5.0. The highest single waves score in the heat! Rory's second wave was his best of the heat, well ridden barrel with roll out, scoring a 4.0. Both riders second scoring waves were medium scoring rides and in the end it was Jared Houston who narrowly edged out local boy Rory Lancellas.

Quarter Final 4
Jayden Alford-Loots Vs. Sacha Specker

The local super grom versus the contest machine. Jayden started strong with a good solid barrel into a roll combo. Sacha stayed on his tail with a deep barrel to roll. After one wave each the scores were were 4.5 for Jayden and 5.5 for Sacha. Jayden got his second scoring wave with another stylish barrel to roll on the inside reef, scoring another 4.5. This is when Sacha took over! He got a few more average scores until he caught an absolute smoker of a barrel, got hurled out and stylishly rolled to finish off! Scoring a 6.5! BUT, he wasn't finished ... with Jayden on the inside, Sacha stroked into a smooth face, lifted a knee, got a deep DK pit then smash floatered the end section with Jayden claiming it!. And with that Sacha Specker advanced to the Final.

The stage was set for the final 4 contestants:

Johnny Maritz
Josh Kleve
Jared Houston
Sacha Specker

Who would you put money on at Kalk Bay?

In the meantime, competitor Peter Lambert had traded his bodyboard for his water housing and joined the riders back in the water, this time to shoot the action. "It's always amazing to watch and photograph fellow competitors going crazy in the water, especially when the waves are amazing... the venue and conditions really make the Nomad Kalk bay shootout a unique event in terms of wave quality."

The finals entered the water and from the beginning of the 40 minute final, all hell broke loose on the reef! Jared Houston nailed some deep stylish barrels, Johnny Maritz went mental busting inverts, Josh Kleve owned insanely deep barrels and Sacha mixed it up on DK and Prone! In the end, the final went done to the wire but who is the last man standing? Who won?

The results of the contest have not been released and will only become available this coming Friday, 29 August at 7pm, when organizers hold the event prize giving at The Brass Bell in Kalk Bay. The evening is set to be a great night of entertainment and includes a free showing of Roam, a Nomad production which has received great reviews as one of the year's top international DVDs.

The Nomad Kalk Bay Shoot Out 2008 is proudly brought to you by Nomad Bodyboards in assocaition with Sport Unlimited and the Brass Bell restaurant.



dcmikeMike Dei-Cont
28th August 2008 08:59
Wow! Congrats to all - Competitiors, judges, organisers, photogs, sponsors, spectators - basically everyone involved! It looks like an awesome day with perrrfect conditions. So disappointed I couldn't be there - Yeah man! There's always next year and a good time to be had on Friday at the Brass Bell.
Well done the Ferret!
Spy DudePierre Marqua
27th August 2008 10:47
I just want to say a big thank you yo Ian Thurtel, dude you went out of your way to organise this, I am so stoked God blessed you with cranking waves for this event.
I also want to give a big up every compeditor that took part in this event aswell as all the people that came and watched. And lastly i want to say a big thank you to the stand up surfers who respected our contest and didnt follow through on their threats of disrupting the contest. Ironically there was only one incident, and that was by some blow in bodyboarder who dropped in on Peter in his quarter final heat yesterday.
( a blow in is someone who pitches up and acts like they have been surfing a spot for 20 yrs, yet no one seems to know them, arrogent and unnessessary)

Kalk bay delivered the goods and Ian put on a good show.
Amping for the prize giving, its gonna be an epic evening.

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