Pipe fires on day one

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posted on 18th February 2009

All the indicators pointed towards an incredible day at Pipeline and they were 100 % right in their predictions.

When the sunrise broke on the beautiful North Shore of Oahu it revealed something that was both beautiful and chilling to watch.

The winds were light offshore and the swell was pushing 8 feet for the most part of the day. By mid morning it was an "Ant-Farm" at Pipe with hundreds of spectators lining the shore, all trying to get a glimpse of the best bodyboarders in the world in action.

The first 4 rounds of the event were completed and some of the standout's included the Ormerod twins from Australia, Ruben Quinones from Puerto Rico, Damian King and Oshi Grady from Hawaii.

The focus however was on the second heat of round four when Pipe local Jamie O'Brien hit the water.

Thousands of online viewers joined the massive crowd on hand to witness history in the making. The kid that has turned almost as many heads as Kelly Slater taking on the worlds best bodyboarders at his home break.

And he went for it...

Jamie took some seriously big sets (as expected) and did well to hold his rail in and drive through some big tubes only to be pinched on the end sections.

On one wave O'Brien drew a perfect line off the bottom and then parked it in the barrel of a macking 8 footer. As he started to exit the wave the spit blew both his fins off and he lost his edge and tumbled off. The crowd wasloving it.

Former World Champion Ben Player was commentating and commended him on a job well done.

"Its so cool that Jamie had a serious dig. Good on the guy. He showed that he knows the place well with some perfect positioning" said Player.

In the end Jamie finished a credible 3rd ahead of fellow countrymen Leroy Kaiwi.

"I kept losing my fins" said Jamie.

He has stated that he will be back next year better prepared.

The event now moves into the second day of competition but conditions are deteriorating so organizers will make a call tomorrow (Wed) at 7am.

The waiting period continues till Feb 27th with the best two days being used for competition.

Terry is available for interviews at +1 808 203 0491 or +61 4 0102 3661

The event is being webcast at www.ibaworldtour.com/live
More info www.ibaworldtour.com



Digital DannyDanny Black
27th February 2009 10:57
There's photos in the Forum in the Bodyboarders Hawaii thread.
Digital DannyDanny Black
27th February 2009 10:56
There's photos in the Forum in the Bodyboarders Hawaii thread.
StJohnLombard_BodyboarderStJohn Lombard
18th February 2009 21:34
photos coming soon according to the site
Jared HoustonJared Houston
18th February 2009 20:16
the blowout at pipe can do worse things than take your fins off.
Its so hard never felt anything like it!
JmoJames Moolenschot
18th February 2009 18:25
Chances are that he was using fins a size too big, fairly easy mistake to make if you don't booger heavy waves often.

Then again, I have ridden waves that spit hard enough to knock fins off feet (not in SA), and those waves are not even close to Pipe standards...
ElianderthehatefulNico Boshoff
18th February 2009 15:59
Sorry to sound retarded, but can the spit seriously blow the fins off your feet? WTF??

Seems like Jamie took it in good spirit, so I hope the BB'ing world doesn't go around saying "HA HA you doos!!!" because then we just look like idiots and children.
Spy DudePierre Marqua
18th February 2009 15:41
where the photos then???

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